Emotional burden of miscarriage on women and their partners.Trajectories of anxiety and depression over 13 months

By GP Cumming,a S Klein,b D Bolsover,c AJ Lee,d DA Alexander,b M Maclean,e JD Jurgensf

[EDITED] ABSTRACT: [The findings in this study] verify that early pregnancy loss represents a significant emotional burden for women, and to some extent for men, especially with regards to anxiety. For many, the detrimental effects of miscarriage are enduring and display a complex course of resolution. These findings are discussed in terms of their clinical implications for early identification and management.


(I have bolded certain passages.)

  • The unanticipated and sudden loss of a pregnancy can be a devastating and traumatic experience resulting in high levels of psychological morbidity for some women.Yet, the emotional burden of early pregnancy loss is commonly not recognised by healthcare professionals, as evidenced by reports of dissatisfaction with care following miscarriage.
  • Men just don’t experience as much depression, anxiety, stress.
  • Failure to identify those in need of support, and, where appropriate, formal treatment, may leave women and men vulnerable to worsening symptomatology, significant psychosocial impairment, and to an increased risk of experiencing a first-trimester miscarriage in the future.
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