Two, and some other things

I have little time but just want to say:

Our old-soul sweetie turned two! We had a wonderful time with our crazy Ohio family.

S is so, so happy. Thriving. Loving life. Learning rapidly. Gentle and kind. Besotted with my parents. My hilarious little buddy—the inside jokes we have! The songs we croon together!

I am writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel for teens. One of the characters has S’s microtia—which gives him special powers…

Taking 1 mg of melatonin at 9 pm has changed my whole deal—I can sleep through the night for the past week, for the first time since the election.

We are beginning to look at houses to buy. Mortgages are so much cheaper than rent!

Over and out!

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  1. cheaper than rent? where do you live? !

  2. Happy Birthday S! <3 XOXO

  3. You are smart to write a Sci-fi novel. Huge market. That’s one of many things I learned participating in Pitch Wars this year (only the best contest ever and I got picked!), YA, MG, and Sci-Fi are much larger markets than Women’s Fiction. Oh and happy birthday!!!!!

  4. Congrats!!


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