PGH and peeing in the potty

Hello! I’ve missed you. Things have been, as usual, in flux. The thought that we are approaching a time when life can settle down…it’s a hard thought to believe.

We are moving in three weeks. To Pittsburgh!

DH got the job.

We visited the city for a week and found a lovely home, signed a lease. We are absolutely thrilled.

I will be back, I will dish more, but I just wanted to report that news for now, and also say that S continues to thrive and delight. Almost a year and a half old!

He peed in the potty last night during a hilarious episode…First he darted off into the kitchen, alone, after his bath, naked as a jaybird, as my Ma-Maw used to say. “Why is it so quiet in there?” I asked, and found him smiling so ornery, a tiny puddle on the floor. I said, “Looks like you peed on the floor, buddy. Why don’t you pee in the potty? Want to try that?” Lately, he has been really pulling and tugging at his diaper, not into it, and I know that that is one of the signs of readiness. We’ve had the potty there, beside the toilet, since he was about a year old, because he seemed so interested in what we were doing. He loves to tear the toilet paper off for me, shove it between my knees, say bye-bye to my urine, and flush. Anyway, after I asked, he tore into the bathroom and stood/squatted over his potty—but nothing came out. I think then he had the thought, “It comes out out there,” or something like that, because he went running back into the living room, squatted a little, peed a little on the rug. So I went and got the potty and brought it to him in the living room and said, “Try the potty,” and he basically rested his “junk,” as my husband calls it,” on the rim of the bowl, squatting, and dribbled a drop into the bowl. He looked at me and grinned.

Isn’t it funny…imagine S as a teenager, as an adult…the changes he will go through. He won’t remember the first time he dribbled a drop into the potty. He won’t know that all of his accomplishments and achievements—complex, intricate tasks—have roots in this, this experience with the potty. He won’t remember his mama, in her stretch pants and ponytail, beside him, cheering him on, there to receive his proud grin.

Okay, I’ve gotta run. I’m supposed to be writing fiction right now. I dug up an old story, fell in love with it like it was someone else’s, revised it, and am going to send it out for publication. Baby steps back into selfhood.


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  1. Hahaha! That’s awesome. I’m finding myself thrown into potty training one of mine too. V had a bad rash the other day so I had her bare bummed and figured I’d give the potty a whirl. I put her on it after a while and she peed! Then as I’m making lunch I hear her say “I did it!” from the other room. And there it was! So looks like she’s ready… I’m not so much. Trying to muddle my way through the logistics of it all. Thinking I’ll hunker down in the house while she gets the hang of it, but getting out anywhere is going to be interesting. Good luck to you from one pee stained sister to another!

  2. jennypittsburgh

     /  May 25, 2016

    I live in Pittsburgh! You’re gonna love this city…it’s got a lot to offer. You can email me at if you need any help navigating things. Or you need a new friend!



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