Well, sh*t

I fell off course this week with the running and have, three nights of this week, had 1 glass of wine in the evening. Gluten is still not in my tummy (hooray, human). I have tried to go to the gym but S had a separation anxiety attack one time, and the next evening, I drove to the gym and fell asleep in the parking lot while listening to Radio Lab and then drove home. (This is not the first time that has happened.) As for rising early? The only early riser in this house this week has been S. My sleepy S. Rising at the crack of dawn for days now. So last night we put those black-out curtains up because he was a loony-toons man with so much less sleep, and mama was a loony-toons mama. It worked. He rose at 7:30 this morning and I am crossing everything that his old pattern will come back.

Sigh. Oh, well. Will just get back on course. But holy freaking hell am I tired! To make things really interesting, I got insomnia last night and was up from 1:30 to 4:30.

Went to a great playdate with many mamas and babies today. Giant playground near swan-studded lake. I realize that at 85% of our playdates, I am so tired I can barely hold a conversation. But I do. I have conversations. I laugh. S has a ball with the other babies. We’re all in the same state: Delighted and depleted.

Speaking of which, I can’t type anymore. Over and out!

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