Enormous changes all at once

It’s been a tsunami of change. I can’t catch my breath. Last week, I almost wrote a post entitled , “I am losing my effing mind,” but thought better of it. Or more like passed out on my computer mid-sentence while writing it. Because thought is a luxury these days. The universal flow is pushing us to do, do, do.

The details will come. I just want to flow -write (as much as one can with thumbs on an iPhone). Big interview for DH tomorrow in our beloved Midwestern city and here we are, after an 11-hour road trip, in the same B & B we came to 3 years ago when I was recovering from a harrowing miscarriage. Except this time we have a chubby musical prodigy with us, a sweet boy I just rocked to sleep in my arms while singing spirituals. 

His harmonica and singing and keyboard skills are making our jaws drop. And he has a vocabulary now that is more like that of an 18-22 month old. It’s all happening so fast, his mind growing exponentially each day, 15 months on planet Earth and everyone’s friend, his heart boundless. 

This has been a VERY STRESSFUL TIME Aieeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaa!!! But he keeps me grounded and grateful. 

I got the flu. It was bad. I had to recover for my family. For DH. For this extremely important trip. 

Considering that we had just moved homes, with a toddler, with zero help, and with only 4 hours help from movers, no wonder. And I said, “Watch–you’ll get a call right after we move for a job interview in PA.” And he did. After more than a year of sending out apps, he gets THE CALL right after we moved homes in LI. A beautiful house that we love, but we will of course leave it to jump on this life course change we’ve been dreaming about…

So I got the flu. Of course. I took S up to the finished attic so he could run around while I shivered in a fetal position on the floor. He kept checking on me. Eventually he nestled against my tummy, took my hand, and said, “I-la-oo,” looking me in the eyes. 15 months old. I just don’t even know how to express what that was like for me.

Needless to say, I got better pretty quickly after that.

Okay. More when I can. Send luck vibes our way tomorrow! 

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  1. Send luck and great wishes!!

  2. AWWW that melts my heart. Sorry you are sick but your little boy has magic healing power. And wow! I hope that everything goes/went well with the interview so you get to move to where you want. Love to you, my friend.


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