Singing (edited)

(accidentally hit “publish” too soon before…) Just want to record that S is singing now, in key, and singing real words. I realize that this is a normal-ish thing to happen at 14 months but DH and I feel like we’re witnessing a miracle and hold onto each other, not breathing, while he does it. ohmygodohmygod—did you hear that?? he’s singing in key! Last night, he sang, “Bye, bye, baby,” that slow, sweet Mel Torme song, right along with the words, and in key. The night before that, I had Amy Winehouse on and he sang along: “No, no, no!” to the song “Rehab.” Whoops!

So the first song he sang along to, not just ah-ah-la-la but in words, is (recording this for posterity) “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse.

We write songs every morning at breakfast. “La! La!” he sings, pointing to the guitar, and so we get her out, and we sing “The Berry Monster” (a wistful number we wrote while S was covered in blackberries) and “Awoowa,” a song about his beloved stuffed chocolate, lab Awoowa.

I thank the lord every day for my fingers (to quote Paul Simon) because I eat my breakfast in a fraction of the amount of time it takes him to eat, and I don’t want to leave him there eating alone, so I just play and sing and write songs.

The other thing is the harmonica-playing. Is it possible for a 14-month-old to play harmonica in key along with songs? Because at first we thought it was a coincidence. But after about 4 months of coincidences, we’re beginning to believe that he is doing this purposefully.

I can hear him singing himself to sleep in his crib right now. “La, la, laaaaaa,” the song Dada wrote, hitting the notes perfectly. In the car yesterday, he was singing disco with me and doing his Stevie Wonder car seat dance.

This is fun!

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  1. Amazing. Shameless mom brag warning (I can’t help it!): Violet sings like this too. She sings remarkably well, perfectly on key and picks up new songs after one listen. She sings constantly and I just know what you mean – I could burst! My mom and her sister are both professional singers so I feel like she’s got a gift from there. I sing “Green” by Joni Mitchell at bedtime and she SINGS ALONG. Like are you kidding me?
    The harmonica thing is very cool! You have to get a video of that!

    • Send recording of her singing if you can!

      • You gave me an idea actually…. I’m going to record (audio) of the bedtime routine sometime this week. Bedtime has gotten soooo sweet lately and it would be great to capture it somehow. In a few weeks we might be into the full on two’s with all the bargaining and malarkey. Even the toughest days lately I leave their bedroom with the major warm fuzzies…. And then I have some wine.

        • Ha! Drinking wine as I read this after bedtime! And after the warm fuzzies — ahhhh! Gazing into my eyes with his sweet little smile. I really might die. I can’t wait to hear your babes. Xooo

  2. That sounds amazing! I love the idea of a tiny musical S. The image of you playing your guitar and singing while he eats and sings along is just precious.


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