High five

Tonight the three of us spent an hour on top of the bed, playing, talking, tickling, kissing, and feeding S his “ba.” Snuggly and lazy and perfect. At one point, S stood up and stayed up, with no hand support—it’s probably about the fifth time he has done this, but never on such a tricky, spongy surface. 

“Hooray!” we called out, clapping. 

S smiled almost bashfully, so clearly feeling pride. 

Then, without prompting, he goes: “Hey, Da,” and high-fived DH.

Like he was a full grown up person or something. 

The “hey, da,” was clear as day. The high-five is something DH taught him to do yesterday, after he successfully put rings on a pole. 

He was high-fiving in celebration of standing on the bed. 

He is 11 months old, and we are watching him begin to understand and do so much at once…intricate concepts coming together for him…speech, language, gestures, a sense of personal achievement and communal celebration. 

We all went through this, once upon a time. 

Witnessing it—well, it’s nothing short of miraculous, really. 

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  1. Yay! Love this!

  2. Of all the things I expected about being a parent, I never understood just how cool it is to watch them change and develop. You see them learning new things, and one day they’ll just do something new they’ve never done before. Then they’ll build on that and do something else. It’s totally mind blowing sometimes.

  3. Eeeee!! I’ve been looking forward to you guys getting into this stage. It is unreal watching them pick up stuff like that!

  4. So adorable!! I can’t wait for this stuff!


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