A manic nesting episode

On Thursday I went to a friend’s home for a group play date and her home was an immaculate palace right on the water with a heated, cliffside pool. I have never been to a home so gorgeous and perfect in my life. I didn’t realize my friend was so wealthy until I arrived. My jaw dropped and I stammered and stared. The play spaces she had set up for her daughter were amazing—clean, beautiful, safe, fun. I had envy that actually made me cry when I returned to our cramped, stuffy apartment. 

And then I had a manic nesting episode that lasted all weekend long.

Outside, there are eight contractor bags full of trash. Inside, there is feng shui up the wazoo. In the mail are coming hundreds of dollars worth of safe, fun baby play space items and kitchen items. 

I’ve erected shelves. Reorganized cabinets. Revamped and beautified the nursery. Overhauled the kitchen chaos so that we can comfortably cook and hang out in there. 

I’ve slept little and my body aches, but damn does it feel better in here!

Now I just need to sleep for a week or so, and l will be okey doke. 

Is it possible that envy can sometimes be a positive force? 

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  1. I totally get this! I am a total type a clean freak that loves my label maker and organizing gadgets but anytime I go to someone house, I come home wanting to clean and organize more. It always spurs me no matter if their house is nicer or not.

  2. Wow! Glad that the envy turned into something so motivating for you! I hope that it totally pays off and you get to enjoy the space for a really long time. Ours is the opposite usually. We go visit friends who have little children and their houses are usually organized chaos. We come home and feel good about ourselves. hahaha.

  3. Ok now I’m envying you! My place perpetually looks like a bomb went off and I’ve really only managed to do minimal toddler proofing. You’re inspiring me to reign in the chaos!

    • Ha ha—oh I am quite certain the chaos shall return! But I am today turning a cheap narrow ikea shelf into a desk in the corner so I can finally put together a baby book—hired a babysitter for the first time today so I can do that—I’ve been a little lost without a desk space! The toddler proofing is crazy. This kid is a lightening fast wriggle worm who would dine on wires and plastic bags if he could.

  4. I am so far from Toddler proofing! I know we got time but I don’t even know where to start. I think finding inspiration from others is fine, but you gotta accept what you have to work with.

  5. Of course! Always an opportunity to re-envision anything!

  6. Julia

     /  August 18, 2015

    I get my best regorganizing done right before company comes…sometimes a little pressure us good. Lol

  7. It definitely sounds like envy was a positive force! In setting up our tiny tiny nursery space and nook, I am just so jealous of the myriad spaces on Pinterest that mock our 1930s home. And, I have a best friend with a ginormous house and a whole gorgeous playroom that is probably close to the size of our downstairs living area, like living room AND dining room (which is actually one L shaped space) AND kitchen. I drool thinking about what I could do with space like that. I am a bit of a hoarder… I think sometimes I should hire someone like you to come in and throw out stuff. I was proud I threw out four years of Martha Stewart Living I was keeping for some reason but never looked at again. Culling the things is hard, but as you’ve made clear, FREEING! I feel inspired. :)


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