The power of routine


Although we haven’t shed the two nighttime feedings yet, Mr. S sleeps well from about 8 p.m. (sometimes 7:30, sometimes 8:15) to 6:30 a.m. I can’t believe I am typing those words. He also sleeps through til morning, most mornings, in his nursery. Our mornings and days are falling into a really nice pattern that makes us both happy:

  • We wake up, I take off his jammies and change his diaper, and we have a good talk, with belly kisses, on the changing table.
  • Then I snuggle him, bare-skinned, in a super-soft blanket and feed him, with lots of breaks for stretches, standing, talking, and burps.
  • I dress him in his morning outfit, leg-warmers and a t-shirt (that can be raised for belly kisses). No socks, so he can grasp things with his toes.
  • Then we go to the (tiny) workout space, a corner of the living room where I get on the exercise bike and he plays under the gym for fifteen minutes, while we listen to upbeat music.
  • I then strap him into the Baby Bjorn and he helps me make my breakfast, learning about colors and numbers along the way.
  • Back to the living room, then, for mama-and-baby yoga.
  • I put him in the swing and sit on the floor in front of the swing and read him a book while continuing to massage his feet, legs, etc.
  • About this time, he yawns for the first time. “You do the yawning, and I’ll do the counting,” I tell him.
  • By yawn three, it is time for him to nap.
  • During the nap, I pick up the house, do the dishes, bathe, groom, and dress.
  • With whatever time is left, I drink a cup of coffee and type a post (like right now), write a diary entry, post photos to Facebook, or whatever else I need to do.
  • I make a bottle that will be ready by the time he rises from his nap, which is usually anywhere from 1 – 2 hours long (usually somewhere in between).
  • Then I feed him his “second breakfast” (and say he’s like a hobbit, needing a second breakfast).
  • After that, we do any number of things—we might make my lunch together and go for a walk in the neighborhood. We might go to a yoga class, a gym class, a storytime and music class at the library, a nature walk, the bookstore, the harbor, the beach, or a Meetup mom-and-baby group something-or-other.
  • Naps during the afternoon are kind of here and there, at this point, especially if the car is involved in our activities (because it usually lolls him to sleep no matter what time it is).
  • The next feeding is at 2:30, and usually happens while we are out.
  • When we come home, he is usually tired and needs to sleep a bit more, depending on what the day has been like.
  • Papa comes home, and there is a lot of fun to be had, with kisses and dancing and guitar concerts—unless S is still sleeping.
  • One of us makes dinner, and S joins us at the table in his Rock-n-Play or on one of our laps.
  • Around 6:30, S eats his dinner and we wind down for bedtime, turning off some of the lights, switching the music to something calming and expansive.
  • Anywhere between 7 to 7:45, S eats his “second dinner” with a little bit of rice cereal in the bottle.
  • If there is time (if that last feeding has happened around 7 to 7:30) we give him a bath and then delicious snuggly dry-off time with fluffy blankets and both of us kissing him.
  • We turn on the white noise machine, the nature sounds on the mobile, and only one light in the nursery. We put him in pjs and sleepsack. Then to the glider to finish off any leftover milk and to read Time for Bed, which is one of my very favorite parts of the day. He whisper-coos and we gaze into each other’s eyes and he laughs and smiles.
  • We turn on some electric tea candle lights and turn off the lamp, and to sleep he goes.

Brand new mamas of newborns: it does get easier. All of this is happening at the end of month three! He’ll be four months old in just a few days.

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  1. My girl is 16 days old & we don’t have much routine! But she’s asleep in my arms, snuggled against my chest & I love it <3 XOXO

  2. California mom

     /  April 3, 2015

    Sounds wonderful!

  3. juice

     /  April 3, 2015

    I have 6 week old twin daughters via egg donor and I love your blog. I might print out your routine and try to follow it lol.

  4. What beautiful routines. I love this snapshot of a day in your life now… It makes me smile so much!


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