Wonderful trip to the big city!

Things have gotten much better on the acid reflux and sleeping front—Zantac + a bit of rice cereal in the evening feed + a move back to the Rock-and-Play have helped tremendously. We put the Rock-and-Play beside the crib, so he’s still in his nursery and at least near his sleeping spot. He still wakes for about a 1 a.m. feed and then again around 4 or 4:30 a.m.to feed, but he isn’t waking much at all for comfort—I think part of it is that he rocks his Rock-and-Play when he tosses and turns and it helps soothe him. A sleep prop for sure! BUT no more crazy reflux coughing all night…and moving back to the R + P is what both the ped and the doula recommended at this point. I’ve also been snuggling and sleeping with him in bed from about 5 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.—not part of any sleep training program, he he, so sue me. It’s lovely, and he sleeps through til 7:30, wakes happy, and we’re all getting much better sleep overall. (At least for now! You never know what each week will bring.)

We don’t have a doula, but my godsend friend in Seattle wanted to buy us 10 hours overnight with a doula here, she set it up and everything! Can you believe that? But the doula and I talked and I found out it would cost $400, and we just couldn’t accept it, since things are getting better. The doula said that it sounds like DH and I are doing everything right, even the way we burp him—a discovery I made (S teaching me, once again, how to do something) by accident that involves standing him straight up and gently swaying. But the doula is so lovely and has had two long conversations with me on the phone, free of charge.

Anyway! On to the fun stuff.

We went to the city on Sunday and had the BEST time. It was such a success, so much fun, and DH and I felt part of a community again. First we went to my friend’s open house, where we met her baby, who was born a few weeks after S. Oh my lord. She looks like a Dr. Suess elf! We cried when we put the babies together on the bed, and S spontaneously reached out to hold the little baby girl’s hand. He held her hand for a long time. It was amazing.

There was wonderful food, but more than that, interesting adults with children who were really fun to talk to, artists and documentary-film-makers and so on. Then we walked a couple of blocks to my ex-husband’s apartment, and he got to meet S, which was really fun. My ex-husband and I are friends—he’s the oldest friend I’ve got—and we’re happy for each other’s happiness. We met when I was nineteen. He made DH and I a lovely spread of snacks and we talked for a couple of hours, S snoozing away on my shoulder. DH asked if it was weird to have seen him, since my ex and I were going to have children together, and I said that it really wasn’t weird. It just feels to me like seeing an old friend I love. I hope that he and his wife have children soon, because I know he wants them, and his wife isn’t sure she does. Maybe for him it was hard to meet S, I don’t know, but it didn’t seem so.

Then we drove to DH’s brother’s apartment and hung out with him, my sis-in-law, and little niece. It was so sweet to see S showered with so much love and attention, and to feel their warm hugs, to feel my little niece’s arms around my legs as I held my baby.

You wouldn’t believe how great S did all day—I mean this kid did not cry at all, except when a dog barked loudly near him. For the most part, he was just looking around, interested, and even smiling. Especially grinning, like the cat who ate the mouse, when he was holding that baby girl’s hand!

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  1. That is an awesome day! I’m so glad the reflux is getting better! Babykins night schedule is the exact same as your baby – even the early morning cuddles in our bed.

  2. Kim New

     /  March 25, 2015

    Just as life should be!

  3. Sounds like things are smoothing out a bit. Happy you guys had an awesome day!


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