I fought winter—and won!


First of all, this little sugar-noodle turned two months old on the 4th. Come ON now! And this is a grin he gave us on my birthday last weekend.

Wed. the 4th was a very special day in the land of STandmama. Smiles throughout the day and even while feeding. When he smiles, it’s like something suddenly strikes him as wonderful, and the sun is rising in his belly. He now searches for and grasps my little finger while feeding. We had a long, intimate session of talk and play on the couch after our afternoon feeding yesterday, with lots of smiles. Grover puppet and I gave him an extended concert of song and dance to a Bob Dylan album while he watched from the Rock-and-Play. I also figured out how to turn folding the laundry into an entertaining show while he watched from the Rock-and-Play. In the evening, DH and I instituted a bedtime ritual of low-lights, bath, toasty nighttime feeding, and storybook. Well the storybook time turned into me trying and failing to recall fairy tales and tell them while he passed out in my arms, nipple slipping from his lips. I was like, “Goldilocks, she met these three bears in the woods—no wait, I think she went to their house first, and they weren’t there. Or something. Umm…”

But Wednesday was also special because it was the second day in a row that I fought winter and kicked its arse, and we had a lovely time out in the world.

I’ll start with Monday. Monday was hell. Trapped indoors all day while the weather was awful, exhausted because I allowed myself to have a large glass of wine on Sunday night while talking to Shane. (Also had a phone date with my WY friend on my birthday. Good stuff. Needed stuff.) So when Tuesday came, I was determined to get out of the house…

I don’t think I’ve yet described how challenging it is to get out of this apartment. The stairs leading to the ground floor are really steep (we live on the second floor of a house). In the winter, the stoop and walkway and driveway get very snowy and icy, and I will often wake up to find my car encased in ice and snow. Of course lately that has been the case with this blizzardy and extremely cold weather.

So on Tuesday, after changing, feeding, soothing, I managed to bundle up ST and get out the door, put him in the car seat while I hacked at the ice all over my car. I had to get forceful about it. Then I shoveled the ice and snow piles all around the tires. I kept checking in with ST, who was listening to Leonard Lopate on NPR and watching all of it through the window like, What the heck is going on?

And then off we went to town. A town that was pretty snowy and icy and slushy—the sidewalks were not very clear. But I had on my winter boots, and I dressed ST in fleece pants and sweater and fleece hat, slipped him into the sling (that sling works great now), and off we went. I walked gingerly down the sidewalks in the snowy sunshine, and baby looked at the sky and trees.

We went into a hippie cafe and mama got a carrot juice and ordered a healthy dinner to go for the evening from a guy who looked like he should be in GQ and/or an adventure-rec magazine. He had those rustic wholesome American good looks, with a touch of hippie, that I used to think = my type, until I fell in love with a short, sexy Asian man who loves hip-hop. I thought he was sweetly flirting with me and felt attracted to him (not a in a creepy, infidelity way, just a normal human way), until I realized that I was probably old enough to be his mom (if I’d had him as a teen) and that I was now a mom-looking Tubalopolis with a double-chinned pie face, and this person was most likely not flirting with me. And also was it weird to be attracted to him now that I was a mom with a son?

Anyway, I told him I was going crazy indoors and knew it was cold, but had to get the hell out, and he talked to me about living in Denmark, and how the women there would bundle up their babies and leave them in strollers on the sidewalk so they could acclimate to the 20-degree weather. Aw, thanks for the validation, rustic healthy model-man.

Next, we went to the toy store and ST took in alllll the toys from his hammock on my chest. Sweet baby boy. That’s where we bought the Grover puppet that is as big as he is.

And then we went back home.

Next day, his two-month birthday, I was determined to do it again. Change, feed, soothe, bundle, get myself looking not too scary (it’s hard to manage to brush my hair out nice and get makeup on my face—sometimes I settle just for managing to put weather-appropriate clothes on). Pack diaper bag. Manage the steep stairs with baby in sling. Navigate ice and snow. Chip away at car. And off we go.

This time, we went all the way to the “big city,” Huntington, where I took bundled baby in his mama-chest hammock to coffee shop and then to the used bookstore. We went to the baby literature section and checked out all of the colors and paintings on the walls. There were a few toys. He was as into the Barbies as he was into the Transformers. To him, it is all color and light and shape. But I really hope to not box him into one gender-type toy as he grows up. I plan on getting him a play kitchen, for example, if he’s into it.

We stopped by the toy store on the way back, where the owner, after cooing and awwing over him, said, “Oh, but is he warm enough?” looking at me with a shade of tsk-tsk. “He’s got a ton of clothes on,” I explained, and then I left. Oh boy. I know this is only the beginning of this sort of thing…

Overall, it was a huge success, and we came home to have a nice afternoon and evening. I think, in spite of how much he protests when we’re in bundle-up mode, that he enjoys being out in the world and has much better evenings when we’ve been somewhere that day.

Yesterday, we were house-bound. It was so cold. And it was not a great day for little mister. Skip ahead….

To today! This morning, I put on a dance concert for him in the kitchen, and I could swear that he was trying to imitate my arm movements—is that even possible? Then I held him, facing out, and danced him all around the apartment, bouncing to Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. He loved it!

Uh-oh, he stirs from nap with lonely cries, off I go…

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  1. That smile… Seriously, I love him. You’ve been a busy momma but I’m so glad things are going well :) XO

  2. This post was very entertaining! I loved the image of you in the hippy dippy cafe. And ST is gorgeous!

  3. California mom

     /  February 6, 2015

    Yay for getting out! I always told DH Idon’t know how people in cold places do it as we suffered with two winter babies in our at worst 40-50 degree weather.

  4. I am glad you got out and about! Does wonders for the psyche. It is supposed to be in the 50s here both days this weekend so I hope to take my girls out in the Behemoth 4000 again.

    Dude, the store owner? ST was in a sling right? Next time you can answer with “he has a 98.6 degree water bottle next to his body, he is fine…”

    ST is beautiful! Love you!

  5. whew! You go girl! And that smile of his! Takes my breath away! So handsome :) xo


  6. It would be weird if you ever stop noticing the rugged cafe guy is hot!
    ST is so adorable, well done you for getting out xx

  7. I’m glad you’re winning because winter is definitely kicking my butt! More important, though, is that FACE! He is too beautiful.


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