Listening to classical music, ST snoozing beside me. What a peaceful little threesome we have been the past couple of days! For example, this morning, I put him in his rock-and-play and pulled him around, like a kid in a sled, as I made myself breakfast, got dressed, brushed my teeth and hair, narrating everything I was doing to him while he quietly watched. God, it’s cute to watch him watching. Although he has done this with me before, his attention span and patience has increased dramatically.

The other thing that is changing is that I am able to use less taxing, less physical/technical movements to soothe him, and can do more of what comes naturally to me, like stroking his cute soft little head and cheeks, talking quietly to him, and, as always, singing. The singing makes him sigh in a quivery way and roll his little eyes back in his head.  Gnahhh…

He loves to be carried around by me, looking over my shoulder, or facing out to the world, while I narrate everything we are looking at.

I’m embarrassed to say that I think we weren’t feeding him enough, in our worry about overfeeding him. As I’ve written, we’d had a lot of spit-up and two vomiting episodes, and read lots of stuff about how easy it is to overfeed on formula. And his daily totals are so high! I called the pediatrician when I was sick and even after I told her about the vomiting episodes and about how much he was eating, she said, “Just go with his flow.” So afer a week of trying to restrict, we went back to his flow, and I’m happy to say that he seems to be doing great. We’ll go with his flow from now on, because he is smarter than we are about all this.

Thank you for your invaluable advice about bottle-warming and so on. ST—or Monsier Double-Chin (doobla-shen), as we like to call our dining monkeykins—resists the unwarmed bottle. BUT. He changes every day. Ever MILLISECOND. It’s truly shocking. So I might give the unwarmed thing a try again.

Yesterday, the three of us went to the mall, where I got a replacement phone, and the little guy got probably his biggest eyefull yet of the world. All of the colors and sights and sounds and people, everyone, even surly looking teenagers, going nuts over his cuteness. At a restaurant, the waitress said, “I was wondering why you guys were pushing a dollbaby around in a stroller—then he started moving!”

His beauty floors people.

This morning he did his stretches on the changing table. Man, this kid loves to stretch! He is so loud and dramatic about it. I started cracking up when he did it, and he laughed back!

He has also started giving me this seriously flirtatious look. Sidelong glance with tiny smile. Oh boy. I’m in trouble.

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  1. Sandhya

     /  January 27, 2015

    He is so gorgeous! I know we ALL think our children are cute, but yours is objectively adorable.

  2. Glad to hear things are falling into place and you guys are in sweet love :)

  3. Hubbs and I have been there too with the overfeeding/not feeding enough with the reflux. It is a hard thing to figure out. We’re still working on it and definitely don’t have it figured out.


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