Postpartum body – the raw truth

The sickness is over! And ST did not catch it! I am so happy. Yesterday I was even well enough to do yogA, Pilates, and swim for 25 minutes, after a full ten hours of sleep, which ended up being the gift of being ill. Sweet sleep! Just wanted to quickly post what I encountered in the YMCA full-length mirror last night, with no sugar-coating…

A 165 pound , 5 foot 2 woman. (Usually 130 to 135.) Arms that have lost definition and now sport a pink bumpy rash on the tricep area. A protruding tummy that looks pregnancy or beer-related and feels squishy. Legs that now have a bit of cellulite and some varicose veins on the sides of the thighs. Little skin flaps down one side of my neck and one side of one breast. Hard pink bumps under my rather droopy boobs. A face that is much fleshier than I’ve seen it yet, with some chin action that comes out when I smile, and two purple crescents beneath my eyes.

It ain’t easy to see. I’ve never been more motivated to exercise in my life. I’m intimidated…35 pounds…how am I going to lose all that while not breastfeeding? Am still wearing maternity jeans, and not even my first-tri ones, my third-tri. I had to buy some size large clothes bc had nothing to wear but maternity numbers, which make me look pregs. Luckily my husband keeps calling me beautiful and we even had sex (!) yesterday for the first time in ages— I’m not gonna lie, I felt more comfortable keeping my shirt on. But who knows maybe this will be the beginning of a much fitter lifestyle for me. And I’m almost certain I do not wAnt to be pregnant again (but that’s a story for another post).

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  1. Me too sister. I have my dr appt tomorrow and, given the okay, it’s go time. But I have faith getting back to will happen!

  2. I am back to my pre pregnancy weight, but definitely not the same shape. I have lost weight off of my fingers, but ohhh, that tummy…. I am sure you will get back into shape in no time and it will help when the weather is nicer too.

  3. Girl!!! I have 35 pounds to lose and I didn’t even have a baby! I have been so use to being “thin” that in the last couple of years, this extra weight has really put a damper on my self-esteem. Part of it is due to PCOS (causes weight gain in the midsection) but also since we got Goldilocks I haven’t been able to exercise. Not to mention I find myself eating my lunch and then the leftvoers of her lunch. yikes! I gotta stop that! hehe

  4. I have one friend who dropped a ton of pregnancy weight by just getting out and walking with her baby, an hour or two per day once the weather got nice. Getting motivated is the hardest part. It will come off, I’m sure (and I have to believe this myself, cause I’ll be in a similar position in a month or two)!!

  5. Glad you got some sleep and exercise!! When donee get to hear about this little guys arrival!?!?

  6. Julia

     /  January 26, 2015

    You have so much determination. I have no doubt you will be able to get on a path to a more comfortable self. Give yourself lots of time. Better weather will surely help too. That’s what I keep telling myself anyways. I cannot wait to get out walking with Babykins. I bought a sweet stroller- I hope he likes going for strolls!


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