Christmas carols

This morning I lay back on the couch with my baby in my arms, on my chest. I sang Christmas carols to him and he looked at me with his bright eyes. I can’t describe to you how lovely it was. I’ve been yearning for this for so long. I know the books say that babies don’t smile yet, but what can I say? Every time I sing to him, he smiles. And sometimes when I sing to him, he laughs. And he doesn’t smile or laugh pretty much any other time. In any case, it’s pretty amazing to see him smiling up at me.

We talked and stroked and did baby massage. I told him the story of everything we have done this morning – we ate food, we changed his diaper, we cleaned his face, we brushed his hair, we put on fresh clothes, and then we lay back on the couch and siang songs… And didn’t it feel good… Feel so good to be together.

So simple. This is the simplicity I was yearning for. Watching this new life. Watching him play with my hair. Watching him become fascinated by the Christmas tree lights. Looking into each others eyes with delight.

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  1. Congratulations on this moment, it sounds so peaceful, beautiful, and full. Happiest of holidays to you and your new family!


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