Practical tips

I just published this post this morning that speaks to some of our emotional, personal experiences so far…but while babe is snoozing, want to zoom out a few practical tips to any readers who might be about to have a baby soon…

1) iBaby Feed Timer, here. We were losing our minds, jotting down info on paper, trying to make calculations in our heads—insanity when we were indeed nearly insane. App keeps track of feedings, diapers, developments. Has amazing charts and analysis. Is super-simple to use. Can synch Mama and Papa’s phones. With all of the dr appts we were going to and answering questions, this app was indispensible.

2) The Happiest Baby on the Block, here. Oh please, please read this, memorize it, know it in your bones. We were falling into the trap of thinking ST perhaps had terrible gas pains—he does have gas pains and pains associated with pooing, but that wasn’t the main problem. He needed his parents to learn how to soothe him better, learn how to replicate the womb better. I’m not kidding you—we had 2 – 3 days/nights of some inconsolable crying, and then we sped-read this, used some of its tips, and it worked immediately. Now ST has the wherewithal to be his sweet self again.

3) The Halo Sleep Sack, here. The Miracle blanket, here. Use for swaddling. Read about swaddling in The Happiest Baby on the Block book.

4) Read about C-section recovery, just in case.

5) Read about formula feeding, just in case.

6) Use paper plates and cups during the first month. Lifesaver!

7) Expect baby to get days and nights mixed up for a little while.

8) Get a million white cloth diapers for burping, wiping face, cleaning things up, etc.

9) Put all of your product manuals in a binder and read them, study them, try out products. All I did was read them and man was I sorry I didn’t do more “trial runs.” We were frantically learning how to use stuff on the fly, baby crying and needing us.

That’s about it for now.

With love,


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  1. Love these tips. We love our halo swaddle although he fights it everytime it helps him fall & stay asleep. Also, so true about those white spit up diapers. We just went out and bought another pack. And the c section/ formula research is a great idea. We found ourselves needing both!!!

  2. Love the tips! I’m going to write a post inspired by yours about what I’ve learned!

  3. My co-worker teaches a happiest baby on the block class and kept promising to give me the dvd she uses. Well I got it the evening before I went into labor so didn’t get to watch it until he was 2 weeks old. Life with a newborn can be classified Before HBOTB and After HBOTB.

  4. For someone who has not AT ALL started to familiarize with baby accessories (that’s me, hopefully to be with baby girl by end February), this information/advice is PRECIOUS… love reading about your adventures as mama and papa, very interested to read ST birth story as well… Beautiful holiday wishes to you all!

  5. The Luna Lullabye pillow is the best!

  6. I’ve heard wonderful things about sleep sacks in general. I’m definitely going to keep these tips in mind!


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