Babykins rocked his appt. (all that worry for nothing!)

I knew it, I knew it! They measured his tummy again today, and he is absolutely fine—gaining weight steadily along his growth curve, they predict he might weigh somewhere between 6 and 6.5 pounds by next week, and there’s no concern about the belly-to-head ratio. He’s fine! And he’s perfectly happy and healthy in utero. Blood flow between placenta and baby still excellent. And at each and every NST appointment (3 a week!) he gets the oohs and ahhs and “textbook perfect” comments.

It was a crazy day. I didn’t write about this, but at my NST appt with OB on Monday, she warned me that if the MFM was concerned by the BPP on Wednesday (today) that they would just send me on up to labor and delivery right then and there, give me cervadil and I’d stay the night, and induce on Thanksgiving. This meant that DH and I prepped for IT, this morning, filling the car with our bags and blankets. This meant that this morning and afternoon, I was, in spite of my best efforts, very nervous. I felt rushed and not ready. Call it intuition, but it just felt too soon.

So when the MFM came in after my BPP, today, and gave the good news, I was flooded with relief, and a sense that the world/reality was aligning with my innate sense about this baby and this pregnancy, the sense I have of his health, the sense I have that we need a little more time…

We are still on for the Dec 2nd cervadil / Dec 3rd induction plan. After today’s appointment, I can say that it is for no medical reason that I can discern, but guys, I surrender. I surrender because this plan seems to make them feel the safest (because of my age, blood thinner, etc.), and DH and I decided that we will go along with their recommendations. It’s okay. I’ll be 40 weeks. It feels fine now. It feels much better than tomorrow, that’s for sure. At a certain point, all arrows point in one direction, and this is the direction we’re going to go.

We’ve been having lots of sex. Semen releases prostaglandins, just like in cervadil–which contains something called dinoprostone, a natural substance the body makes for softening/thinning the cervix. (Good info on it here.) Also listening to a “Baby come out” track from hypnobabies, which I love. Baby’s head is low, low, low. Walking is awkward.

We had some hard laughs today. DH had sweetly bought me some snacks, and when I went to get a pudding before the NST, I saw that he had bought the sugar-free kind of pudding. Being nervous as hell, I snapped, “Why’d you get sugar-free? Sugar is what makes the baby move during his NST!” It wasn’t until later, in the antepartum waiting room, that I started laughing and apologizing. Making fun of myself: “Sugar free??!! Are you inSANE? Why, why?” So that’s been our crack-up line today: sugar-free.

After the appt., we drove through the hellish sleet and hail all the way to Farmington for pho, where they play excellent 80s music and the broth is fresh and cinnamon-y. We were like giddy teenagers. I don’t even remember what we were laughing at, but it was the belly-splitting, tears-down-the cheeks kind of laughter.

Now it is time for tea and blanket. I’m so glad I got to say goodbye to my favorite nurse, K, today, and made it to my prenatal yoga class last night, where the instructor attended to me all through Shavasana. She pressed certain pressure points. She did some very cool stuff with my third eye that, I swear, made my groin ache open. She whispered, “Now it’s time for you to hold him in your arms.” Soon, soon.

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  1. ss23

     /  November 27, 2014

    just let it happen.
    he will be with you then!

  2. OOO pho sounds good, especially in crazy cold weather, although the sleet and hail didn’t sound too good. You’re so close! Happy that baby’s belly is fine! Almost time, friend!

  3. Dude! December 3rd is, like, one week away. One week from now (at most!) you will have that baby outside of you! So happy to hear his tummy is back on track.

  4. YAY!! babe is fine! That’s the best news ever! That is hilarious about the sugar free pudding! What a funny and memorable moment! Dec 3rd is so soon!! How exciting!

  5. Great news! Gotta trust your gut! So glad you are still somewhat comfortable me and getting around!

  6. I am SO EXCITED for you to meet your little guy!! xo Good luck lovely. :))))

  7. Holy crap I knew there was a reason why I logged in today!!! So excited to read this, you will have sweet your munchkin in your arms next freaking week!!! As I lay here with Nacho in my arms while he sleeps noisily I can’t wait for you to feel this too. This is everything you have been waiting for. The love just blows my mind. Sending you loads of love your way too. Overjoyed xxx

  8. Wonderful! Happy Thankgiving!!

  9. Beautiful post, just beautiful. I can almost feel the pressure and the giddiness, waiting for this little munchkin to show his face! So glad you didn’t have to be induced for Thanksgiving. Soon, soon, soon!

  10. So excited for you! I’m curious to know how Hypnobabies works out for you–I just signed up for Hypnobabies birth class that starts in January. XOXO


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