Little tummy

At this morning’s OB/NST appointment I found out that at last week’s MFM/BPP appointment, the mister’s abdomen was showing signs of being little. I didn’t know this until now—maybe the MFM wanted the OB to tell me. Babykins head is growing, but his belly is staying pretty lean.  OB says that this could be due in large part to genetics—DH is 100% Korean and was a five-pound baby at full-term, the donor is 50% Korean, and is currently 5’1, 115 pounds—but it could also mean that he is not getting as much nutrition as we’d like him to through the placenta. He is, however, definitely getting excellent blood flow from the placenta, and his NSTs show a healthy, happy baby.

Still, this is the first time something concerning has come up in testing and measurements. OB says that now is the time that babies bodies usually get chubby, and her instincts tell her that this baby might be done fattening up. We’ll get another BPP tomorrow and find out how his abdomen is doing.

He has been steadily gaining weight at a rate of 1 pound every 3 weeks—a rate that the OB and I discussed back in late October as being great. Because at that rate, he would weigh 6 lb 4 oz at 40 weeks. He still might do that. But the problem is that his abdomen is not gaining as much as they’d like to see.

With this issue in mind, OB and DH and I talked about induction this morning—but this time with a clear, solid, reasonable reason, which was much, much easier for me to do, having a rationale that made sense. I’ve read about the small-abdomen issue before, so luckily I had some prior knowledge and what we discussed made a lot of sense.

Baby is technically in the 10th percentile now, for growth, said the OB this morning. If he had been in the 10th percentile all along, that would be no problem, but he has dropped percentiles every three weeks over the past nine weeks. This isn’t because of his head, but because of his abdomen.

She didn’t want me to worry because all signs pointed to a healthy baby, and the contribution of genetics (the quite small and Korean genetic parents) is a confounding factor. Still—it was time to talk induction dates. And with any indication whatsoever that baby might actually be experiencing any sort of deficiency, I am totally on board with that.

So we scheduled induction for Dec. 3rd—one day before his “due” date. the night of Dec. 2nd—which sounds like a much nicer form of induction than, a drug I would like to avoid altogether. OB does not like and will not use it unless there is a medical indication (and she assured me that they use a very small dose, nothing like what I experienced when I was induced with for my second loss).

She prefers to for induction, but only when necessary. But what she would prefer above Pit.oci.n is Cerv.adi.l only—a suppository which would allow me to get up and walk around, do things, take showers, and have intermittent monitoring. It can also be removed, too, if contractions start coming too hard and too quickly.

With, you’re bed-bound and on continuous monitoring (can’t get up, move around, have harder labor generally).

We talked about the general risks of induction, and the OB basically said that the biggest risk is an increased need for an epidural because of how much harder labor can be. She said that in her experience induced mamas do not have a higher rate of complication with breastfeeding, and when I mentioned the risk of uterine rupture, she said, “I’m NOT going to let you rupture,” in a very pointed way.

But! All this said, baby has definitely dropped, all on his own, twice. I felt him do a major drop last night, while I was walking around the apartment, doing a bunch of things. Like the first time, it felt so funny, almost like I was going over a hill in a rollercoaster. Go babykins!

OB checked this morning, and she said his head is much much closer to the cervix, and the cervix is definitely beginning to thin. Yay!

I told her about all of my signs. The crazy BMs. The dry heaving. The restless walking at 3 a.m. And of course all of that mucous plug + fluid drama. And now…a sort of calm, a sort of business-as-usual. She said that it sounded like those all could be signs of things getting going, and that it was common for first-time mamas to have that start-and-stop pattern for a while.

On Saturday, DH and I went to an Indian restaurant and I had chili chicken, hot pickled veg, hot spiced tea, spicy relish. Trying to keep this show going! Maybe I should look into acupuncture. Or go in for a reiki session.

So that’s the news! Do some praying/vibing/what-have-you for little baby’s little tummy, if you would. It seems like the sweet guy is happy and healthy, but now this mama is a bit worried. I’ll now be getting monitored 3x/ week (“a bit overkill” said the OB, this morning, “but better safe than sorry”) and checking his tummy size every week.

What’s totally crazy and wonderful is that he will be here in no less than 2 weeks and 2 days, if he doesn’t come sooner on his own. This we know for sure!

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  1. I just realized that I posted a draft—please excuse any uncut redundancies! (:

  2. Elizabeth

     /  November 17, 2014

    My sister had this with all three of her children. We’re all small people and were all 5lbs and under as babies. My guess is good Sir is just fine and will be, as you suspect, a trim little fellow. Regardless, sending all my best growth vibes to him. And, wow, sounds like you’re definitely getting ready to go. Can’t wait to see newborn pics. :)

  3. AndiePants

     /  November 17, 2014

    OMG I can’t believe you’re so very close! I have all the woo headed towards the tiny tummy, and towards you so that you can have some peace in these last few weeks before the babe makes his arrival!

  4. I am sorry you are stressed. Seems reasonable that you might just have a thin baby. But I will send you my positive vibes no matter what!

  5. Everything is going to be great with little guy. But it may be true that it’s time to get him out. May I suggest something with lots of garlic to get things going? Like whole cloves on some GF pizza. Just do it!

  6. He’ll probably be thanking you when he’s older and he’s staying nice and lean while his college buddies are packing on the beer pounds! :) I hope everything is OK and that this show gets itself on the road sooner rather than later.

  7. Thinking on a healthy tummy, and WOW, so close! December 3rd, that’s so soon. I am excited for your prepping body, your lowering baby, the excitement of meeting this little man! :)

  8. Any news? You and babykins are in my thoughts! XOXO

  9. You are in the home stretch. I can’t wait to read about the little guy in your arms.


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