Still home, still pregs

Walking the baby down at our local beach on Tues eve

Walking the baby down at our local beach on Tues eve

Just an update to let you know: I’m still home, and still pregnant, and I have never been so tired in my life! The bodily details: Last night/this morn, at 3 a.m., I woke up and dry heaved several times and generally felt awful. I had vague, subtle menstrual-like feelings. I took a hot shower. I did yoga for twenty minutes and felt better. I had a very restless feeling and simply had to get out of the house and walk. DH wanted to be able to see me through the window, it being 3 a.m. and dark out there, so I walked up and down the street just in front of our house. The moon was gorgeous, and I kept my eyes on her and on Orion.

This morning (get ready for TMI) I had 3 loose BMs, same as the morning before. Very unusual for me, as the iron supplements have kept me closer to the other end of the spectrum—have usually had one or maybe none in a day, and far from loose/soft. They say this can be a sign of impending labor.

Yesterday morning, I also dry-heaved. And I lost more of my mucous plug (that lovely term!), very slightly tinged pink (bloody show, another good one), and had more accompanying fluid—still not amniotic. (Don’t worry, I’ve now had my amniotic fluid tested and measured twice, on two separate days, both at my OB’s and at the hospital, and I’m not losing any. I’m also wearing my litmus-test panty liners.) And also had the 3 unusual BMs.

Babykins has definitely dropped, and I am experiencing that “lightening” you hear about—I can breathe again! Walking is not so difficult because I can breathe. But this dropping of baby also comes with unsavory incontinence, as he uses my bladder as a pillow for his perfect little head. So I’m just one pregnant leaky machine right now.

My fatigue level has reached a new and impressive height! I was so out of it yesterday, so fuzzy-headed, sore-backed, head-achey, and immobile-feeling that I almost didn’t feel safe to drive to my BPP/NST appointment at the hospital and considered calling a cab. A one-hour nap helped. But when there were some scheduling difficulties at the hospital, a scene that resembled Who’s On First but between hospital staff who were highly annoyed with one other, tears came while I was alone in the NST room, so overwhelmed. One of Earth’s angels popped in, I’ll call her K, apologized for the staff’s “ridiculousness,” saw my tears and talked to me soothingly for quite a while. “It has just been an overwhelming couple of days,” I told her. She stood beside me and made me feel better with her words and her voice, her eye contact and caring and listening, and I thought my heart would burst with love for her. I must bring her a little gift next time. Babykins proceeded to give us his best stuff, an NST read-out that elicited words from staff like, “textbook perfect” and “beautiful.” Good work, little buddy!

On the way home, exhaustion crept back in, and I found myself at a fancy market off 25A, one I usually bypass and go for the cheaper stuff a ways down at the Stop n Shop. I found myself picking out the freshest, brightest-looking groceries, ignoring my inward gasps at the prices, and I am not allowing myself to feel guilt. I actually bought a hunk of horseradish cheese for nine dollars (!), and a sixteen-dollar lucious fruit tray. And ten dollars worth of grass-fed beef patties. Two giant things of lactose-free whole milk. Organic oatmeal. Frozen sweet potato fries. And the topper: Two crazily overpriced packages of hagen daz bars, coated in chocolate and almonds.

Sometimes I feel like something big is going to happen any moment. As in labor. Any second. Other times I think, Hmm, maybe this stage will keep going on for days or weeks. Nothing like Braxton Hicks contractions yet, but some women don’t experience them, and my OB says that the vague menstrual-like feeling I get ocassionally could be the closest I’ll get to that.

But my hospital bag is now alllll packed, aside from a few things we’ll have to grab right before heading out the door. My hypnobabies materials are all read. I’m feeling much, much more prepared than I did a couple of days ago, when DH and I were told we might be having our baby in 24 hours. Maybe that was all just to light a fire under our tushes so we could get properly prepared. DH even put the car seat in finally! (He has been telling me for weeks to give him hell about not putting in the car seat.) And I am focusing more and more on my hypnoanesthesia techniques…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go take my seventh nap of the day. I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. AndiePants

     /  November 13, 2014

    I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering if that baby had come yet! I hope it’s soon! <3

  2. Exciting times, exciting times!

  3. So exciting!

  4. With all this going on, it can’t be long now. Thinking of you lots!

  5. Sounds close to me! Keep us updated! Cannot wait to see a picture and learn the name!

  6. Omgggg I have been so obsessed with your blog since your last post. I’m just gonna say it.. You’re meeting this little man real soon. I totally had those clear outs and the lightening in the days leading up to when I went into labour too. I’m going to be thinking of you lots and lots. Keep us posted! x

  7. Getting closer…one of these days your little man will be here…so excited for you (except for the loose BM’s..that’s never fun – LOL!)

  8. I’ve been thinking about you… You’re SO CLOSE! Can’t wait to hear that you’ve made it to the finish line and have your little one in your arms at last. In the mean time, eat all the expensive groceries you want!

  9. You’re almost there! Can’t wait for the baby to come!

  10. Ria

     /  November 14, 2014

    Okay, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who’s totally stalking your blog LOL. It sounds like your little man will be here soon!!!

  11. Good luck with everything, hoping for a good delivery and can’t wait to see the announcement!


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