36 weeks: Our first monitoring

me being monitored 2All’s well! This morning we went in for monitoring (non-stress test) and cervix check, and the little guy is doing great. I found out today that I will be monitored (heartbeat, movement) at least 2 x/ week (!) for the rest of the pregnancy, due to my history, my age. He is head-down, but the doctor says, “This guy is nowhere near the cervix,” and that I had better start walking a lot, every day. Also, my cervix and vaginal opening are super-tight. I told DH that it’s probably time for us to try sexual intercourse again (it has been a long while)—might help me loosen up.

He was asleep during the first part of monitoring, and would not wake up. Then he woke up, and since I’d been sucking on approximately one hundred suckers to get him moving, he started reacting to the sugar like crazy, kicking right where the belt was and making it pop up. I love it when it he gets playful and was smiling as he did so—and that’s when DH took this photo of me (the cut off part of this pic shows me smiling pretty blissfully, eyes closed). When I opened my eyes, DH was looking at me with tenderness. “You’re going to be a great mom,” he said, and tears sprung to my eyes.

Baby gets the hiccups almost every night now. He’s moving right now in response to my loud typing. I know when he conks out, and I know when he wakes up, and it’s more and more like he’s here in the world, not tucked away inside me, but interacting with things like monitoring belts and loud noises. And it’s more and more like I’m getting to know a little person who is separate from me.

Yesterday, oh my gosh. Yesterday. I went to the hospital for my regular ultrasound (my OB’s office doesn’t do them). I did not know that 3D ultrasounds are now done routinely, covered by insurance, and I did not know that that was going to be part of what they did yesterday. Suddenly, my baby’s face is showing up on the screen! Total surprise. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The placenta and cord and one of his arms was obscuring most of the top part of his face, making that part look a bit like he’d been burned severely in a fire, but from mid-nose down to his chin was pretty clear. WOW. He has DH’s nose! And these really cute pouty lips! It was a bit hard to get a good sense of his overall face, with the distortion, but I could see enough to know that he’s my little cutie.

DH had a different impression—“He looks like a man,” he said. I said, “Babe, I’m not giving birth to a man!” He said, “Don’t you think he looks—mature? Manly? I’m not just saying that. He doesn’t look baby-ish to me.” I actually could kind of see what he was talking about, but now the joke is that I’m going to give birth to a full-grown man, who comes out talking in complete sentences.

They needed him to move yesterday, too, but he was not budging. He was out. The ultrasound tech was jiggling my stomach with the probe, really jiggling it hard, but he was completely chilling and not disturbed in the least. I turned on my side, and he, with absolutely mellowness, just barely rolled with me. It took a while, but he finally did give the tech the movement she was looking for.

I can’t help but wonder: Will this be his sleeping style when he’s out here in the world? Will he be a deep, sound sleeper, like his dad?

Speaking of sleep, I’m tired. Oh-so very tired. I have such little motivation during the day. Mornings, I pick up the house, shower, etcetera, but afternoons, I’m a zombie. I usually perk up for a few hours when DH gets home, and I think I need to just plan on that being the time when I’ll get anything done.

Speaking of zombie-time, I have a date with the Bravermans right about now…mmm, this couch is so cozy….


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  1. I can’t believe you are at 36 weeks! Sooo close to the end (and the beginning)!

  2. So glad to hear things are going well!

  3. You are doing much better than me – I am a zombie all day long :) Glad to hear the first NST went well!

  4. Not long now! Holy smokes!

  5. 36 weeks! So close. I’m glad they’re doing all the monitoring, must be such peace of mind. And a 3-D ultrasound! I didn’t realize those are routine now. The pictures scare me a little, but it’s like getting a sneak peek of that face before he shows it for real. I’m so excited for you, glad you’re blissful and smiling! Enjoy those walks and the other baby-moving activities… ;)


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