Employers offering to pay for egg freezing: empowerment or enslavement?

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This article has been circulating online today:  Apple, Facebook to Women Employees: Keep Working, We’ll Pay to Freeze Your Eggs.

Immediately after I read it,  I posted my reaction to my Facebook wall:

As much as I believe in a women’s ability to choose her life path, I struggle with this concept. I would never recommend fertility treatments to anyone who did not medically need them. IVF (or even egg freezing) is not easy on a woman physically or mentally. If we are going to approach fertility from the scientific standpoint that age doesn’t matter, then maybe we should first consider Government funding for those who medically suffer from the disease know as infertility. It’s difficult for me to grasp the concept of my treatment not being funded, yet companies are stepping up to encourage women to delay their fertility which poses higher risks and no guarantees…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog :)

  2. Fantastic post! I was thinking similar things yesterday when I saw that news (although not nearly as comprehensive and eloquent as Autumn…). It sounded suspect and like another way corporations are squeezing as much as they can from employees. Some perk…the gift of needing to do an IVF transfer to have your babies from your eggs, assuming nothing else was awry and you’re all good to go by the time you use your eggles. And I completely agree with the statement in this post– maybe if this becomes a “perk,” a recommended step to delaying fertility, then those of us who do this as a treatment to a medical disease should receive insurance coverage, government subsidies, whatever to recognize that we aren’t taking advantage of a benefit, we HAVE to avail ourselves of this technology, that is very expensive, very time consuming, very exhausting and hard on the body, and has no guarantees. Argh. Thanks for reposting this, it was great!


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