32 weeks 2 days: The headless bump, the evolving nursery, and DH’s to-do gusto

32 w 2 day bumpHere we are on a Saturday night, putting together, I’m sure, the most confusingly constructed changing table yet made. But we did it! Earlier that day, DH put together the sweet, comfy glider and ottoman and a white wire basket shelf thingie. I love his iphone—his very first, after a decade using the same flip-phone, which should be on display in the historical design section of MOMA. I love his iphone because it has a “to-do” app that he loves, and actually uses! He’s getting a kick out of making to-do lists for the first time in his life, and checking off the items. I am inwardly squealing and dancing with delight. Incredibly, he is the one who spear-headed starting to put together our bag to take to the hospital, and going to the drugstore to pick up missing needed essentials for said bag.

I don’t know who he is, but I’m just going to quietly accept this new person who lives in my home with his blingy new iphone.

Another new thing about DH is his muscles. For the first time in his life, he is lifting weights. He has always been into martial arts and his main form of exercise was muay thai and jiu jitsu, but a case of ringworm at his dojo had his hypochondriasis in overdrive (especially with the baby on his way). He put his membership on hold, opting instead to go to the Y and weight-lift while I swim. I can’t believe how quickly he has become muscly! He has always been quite lithe, his muscles not exactly defined. I now catch him flexing in the mirror often, and he loves it when I run my hands over him and admire him. Little does he know that I’m often thinking, “Oh, these pecs and biceps will be great for carrying around a baby.” He he.

He looks quite sexy, but the idea of having sex is pretty far from my mind. I haven’t enjoyed intercourse itself for weeks now, because my cervix is so very tight, and it just doesn’t feel right. We do other things together, but not very often. Ah, poor guy. I promised him a “special shower” this weekend. I need to put it on my to-do list or I’ll forget! I guess gone are the second-trimester days of teenager-level sex drive—which I enjoyed, but am also a little relieved has calmed down a bit. That was intense.

Anyway, I will add pictures of the nursery soon. It is definitely becoming the vision I had all along. You can see in the top picture a peek of the chevron curtains I made, using pinking shears, curtains which turned out decidedly, uh, homeade-looking, if you give them a close inspection. Better to look at them with squinted eyes, or by the soft light of the glowing strings of firefly lights.

The changing table has made things real more than any other item in the nursery, even the crib. It’s something about that contoured changing pad, and the drawers filled with ointment, wipes, baby first aid kit, diapers.

Speaking of newborn diapers, they are small. Smaller than I can handle. I seriously almost cried when I opened the package, our first (and picking them out with DH at the drugstore felt like a milestone). We’re going to go with Earth’s Best for the long haul, after I did a massive amount of research, as is my thing, about which disposable diapers are the most eco-friendly and have the best performance. But they weren’t available at the drugstore and we figured it would be okay to buy one package of newborn Pampers in the meantime. They have this particular scent, a vanilla scent, that was driving me crazy because I couldn’t figure out why it was so familiar. I kept smelling them, and having the same sense of nostalgia. No younger siblings, and the crazy truth is, I’ve changed maybe one diaper in my life (!). I know. My babysitting gigs were always for older kids.

Then it hit me: My Cabbage Patch doll, from a million years ago. A boy. African-American. Cute curly yarn hair. And my mom bought a package of newborn diapers for him, which I would put on him while I played mama. That memory was so faint, and then it wasn’t, and then I was laughing. Age 40, and my only experience with diapers has been with a Cabbage Patch doll when I was probably seven.

This is gonna get crazy.


32 week nude belly 3


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  1. Working mom of 2

     /  October 12, 2014

    Most hospitals usually provide you with nb pampers so baby will be used to them. Miss that smell, and yes they are tiny!

  2. You look amazing! I can’t wait to see pictures of the nursery!

  3. I have also never properly changed a diaper on my own. Terrifying they let people like us have kids, huh? :)

  4. Lol, the diaper thing is easy to grasp, but with a boy you’ll just want to remember to hold the diaper over his “pee pee” (penis) if you need to grab a wipe or some diaper goo, as otherwise he may spray you with impromptu urine. I’m sure you knew that. But otherwise no big deal. I nannied for a family physician that insisted that her son’s bottom be powdered with corn starch each time he was changed–the kid NEVER once had diaper rash (this is unheard of) so I will definitely be using corn starch. XOXO

    • Elisha sent me this “wee we block” that you put over the weenis while changing! It’s amazing. It’s what Drew Barrymore needed in _Riding in Cars with Boys_. Thanks for the corn starch tip! I think johnson’s baby powder is made of corn starch.

  5. I think I may have that same fabric for a valance I am making in our nursery!

  6. You look great! I just look fat – but I still love rubbing my belly like buddha!


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