32 weeks: Banana split baby

baby at 8 mos32 weeks!

Last night, after our Baby 101 Safety class at the hospital, I got a craving that has happened several times during pregnancy, but which I have not indulged: a craving for a banana split. Good girl that I am (sort of), I would settle for a scoop of ice cream, or on two occasions, a sundae. But I never went for the whole boat.

But I went for it last night. And it was everything I’d hoped for. DH was supposed to share it with me, but he backed out after a few bites. I quested on. Strawberry, vanilla, and coconut ice cream; hot fudge, strawberries, whipped cream, and nuts. And the banana. There was nothing left in that dish when I was done.

I proceeded to have a pretty giddy night. I was cracking myself up. DH was exhausted and semi-there while I skipped around the apartment. I ended up in the bathtub, where the little mister put on a show that, for the first time, made me feel queasy. My belly button rising, as if on a sharp wave. My whole belly jiggling like Jello in an earthquake. Various body parts (unidentifiable) poking out of my sides. Some slo-mo stuff.

“Babe, babe! Come in here—quick!”

He came in and watched my belly with his tired eyes wide and his mouth half-open. “Oh my gawd,” he said.

nana splitI started laughing. Poor baby! I had my first taste of what it might be like to feel like a “bad mama,” giving her kid too much sugar at his birthday party and watching him spin.

Here’s what’s going on with baby: He is now experiencing regular, rhythmic breathing, encouraging his lungs to develop surfactant. His cortisol production is going through the roof, also for lung development. Fingernails and toenails are continuing to develop. He will gain 1/3 to 1/2 of his weight from now until birth, says one source.

Sources also say that space in my uterus is getting smaller and movements will be getting less dramatic, but this has not been my experience so far (obviously). Maybe he’ll start slowing down in the next couple of weeks. He does occasionally give me a synchronized swimming routine, very slow and gentle and almost graceful-seeming.

He can now use all of his senses, and he’s opening his eyes, looking around, grabbing his cord, tasting the delectable treats of his amniotic fluid, and recognizing my voice and DH’s voice.

Sometimes when DH comes near the belly, talking, baby will start doing his little 1-2, 1-2 flutter-punches, as if he is excited. It kills me every time. So. Sweet. He knows his papa!

Sources say he might be getting into position for birth at this point (!) but my gut tells me (pun intended) that he’s still little and swimming around.

I think I can tell when I feel his head, now, which is absolutely bizarre. It’s very round and hard and, well, feels like a little baby head!

Speaking of his head, 70% of the nutrients now coursing through our placenta (which is now at peak efficiency) is going toward the effort of creating his brain. He’s also laying down some serious fat, plumping out his wrinkles, and becoming increasingly less transparent and more opaque.

His testes are making their final descent into the scrotum. His digestive system can now break down food. His skull bones are complete. He is spending less time asleep and more time awake.

My busy boy. I promise him that today we will eat nothing but salad and lean protein. (Um, kidding, kid.)

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  1. I have found movement has increased as I reach 37 weeks! It’s just gotten more dramatic. Mmmmm…. Banana split sounds great!!

  2. So exciting! Seems like I was 32 weeks just weeks ago, but in reality it’s been months… I bet you are so excited to meet your little boy!

  3. Yumm, banana splits!!! :) I bet little one was bouncing around like crazy after that, that must have been a riot to watch! Getting closer!! :)

  4. Hah! Love that you’re getting your little one all sugar high before he’s even here. :) Sometimes you just have to indulge those cravings!

  5. Mmmm, banana split. Seriously hilarious that the baby definitely had a sugar high! Such exciting times.


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