Could the answer be as simple as napping?

As usual, this blog, and processing in it, has helped me sort something out I think…

Both yesterday and today, and a couple of days last week, I made certain that I was home when I might get tired during the day. Kind of seems like the time is creeping up earlier, to as early as 2. Instead of motoring through tasks, going swimming, or even zoning out to _Parenthood_ episodes, I close my eyes and sleep.

I hate napping. I mean, really hate it. In non-pregnant days, I rarely did it. This is because I am so task-oriented and the idea of stopping the flow of the day is an anathema to who I am. So the napping I’ve done since pregnant has either come on with no way to stop it, or I’ve had to tell myself overtly: “It’s okay to close your eyes and sleep now.”

The last couple of days, I’ve split up my 8 ounces of coffee. (Three OBs have told me drinking a cup of coffee a day is fine, so I’ve been drinking it for months now.) Today, for example, I drank 4 ounces at about 10, while doing a bunch of little things—laundry, boxing up donation items for the vets, hanging ridiculous-cute baby clothes on velvet hangers, finishing the corkboard filled with kid-art in the nursery. Had lunch around 1:30 (a chicken-bacon veggie potato casserole that is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted, thank you ATK!). At 2:00, I crashed on the couch and slept for an hour. At 3:00, I had my second 4 ounces of coffee and am happily making another casserole. I think I am on to something. My mood yesterday and today has been really good and much steadier.

It’s funny. I keep figuring out tricks—pillow combinations, flo-nase, napping—and I have the thought: By the time I get this all figured out, I will be giving birth and then will be figuring out a whole new landscape of variables.

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  1. Elizabeth

     /  October 8, 2014

    Oh, I am a nap freak. I highly recommend them. Google napping and you will get guidelines on ideal napping times so you don’t get that awful, post nap lethargy.

  2. I am so excited that you are able to work on the nursery now! Looking forward to those pictures :) I spend a lot of time staying home – because the universe keeps sidelining me – but since I am just watching TV, feeding myself and doing laundry and dishes – I am trying not to nap just because I will stay up all night. I am so happy that you are finding a schedule and techniques to help with those 3-6pm blues :)

  3. I can’t believe you don’t like naps. I love them. I get a totally different kind of refreshing sleep during a nap than I do at night. If you need one, take one!!

    • You’re like my husband. He looooves the napping. If he could, he would sleep until noon and then take a long nap at 3. I’ve never met a person who loves sleep so much! I’ve resisted napping since I was a little kid. But now: I am pro-nap! Gonna try to be.

  4. Mmmm, naps. I get that they seem to be a stopping point in the day that could trip you up, slow you down, but ahhhh what luxurious heaven. Like a hot bath. I try not to nap too, because I worry it will interfere with my night sleep, but sometimes the only thing that makes the day better is a nap. Take it if you need it! I love how you are painstakingly measuring out your 8 ounces of coffee per day… I can just see you with some sort of graduated cylinder, pouring just the exact ounceage into your mug. :)

  5. I love naps too, and when I was pregnant, I was napping ALL THE TIME!


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