Getting drunk and eating gluten: the wonders of flo-nase

I haven’t had that much fun in ages! A night that lasted until the sun came up, drinking whatever I liked—beer, wine, mixed drinks—talking and dancing, and then the next day, I ate a giant gluten-filled doughnut for breakfast! No, this wasn’t udi’s. This was one of those pretzel-like wonders sold at Manhattan street carts, coated in a thick glaze of sugar…I can still taste it now…

In other words: I slept through the night last night. Thanks to flo-nase, I did not wake up even once, even to pee! And the above description is one of this epic dream I had—I woke up from it laughing. Freud proved right: wish fulfillment. My current taboos collected together in one dream for me to indulge in.

And now I feel so refreshed! It’s my second night of using flo-nase, the nasal spray my OB prescribed because of the nighttime congestion that was making my sleeptime a total misery, for weeks and weeks. Months. Now I only wish that I had had it earlier. The sleep deprivation was really getting to me, messing with my moods, and I hated waking up so late and starting my day so late (because of the hours spent tossing and turning, or reading, stretching, and taking baths in the wee hours). Flo nase is a mild steroid, but my OB, who is usually quite conservative, was not concerned because such a miniscule amount enters the system. I’m trusting her opinion…

And enjoying the drunken doughnut-eating. I don’t think my brain would have been able to go to epic dreamland without the uninterrupted sleep. I’m looking forward to seeing how much different I feel today, how much more I get accomplished, with a night of serious rest (and hilarity) behind me.

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  1. Sounds like a glamorous dream, girl!!! So SO glad you are sleeping better!

  2. Hmmm… why does drunken doughnut eating sound so good to us right now?!

  3. I love that you dreamed that. Amazing.

    I just want to let you know that I took Flonase with both my (successful) pregnancies and my OB was similarly unconcerned and it had no adverse effects. I’m so glad you found something that helps.

  4. LOL…I always used to have dreams like this back when I was starting a new diet and exercise plan, and I’d wake up all worried I’d ruined it! Guess we know what my subconscious wanted!


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