30 weeks 5 days: our chubby-cheeked yogi

30 weeks 5 daysWell, hello there babykins!

This is our baby. Can you believe it? I can’t believe it! Eeeee!

Looking right at us, with both of his feet over his head.

Look at those cheeks!

Normal measurements, normal weight, normal amniotic fluid, normal heartbeat, normal movement. You know what my favorite word is? You got it: Normal.

After the growth scan (the first of many), back at home, lying on the couch, I got the biggest, craziest movements yet. I was absolutely agog. Kicks, punches, and very strong pushes against his rooftop, against the palms of our hands. Shocked, I was. Still am, thinking of it. He’s much quieter this morning, but I know that his favorite showtime is the evening. I wonder what he’ll have in store for us tonight.

He’s three pounds four ounces, on the small side, but DH was only five pounds when born, and is now five foot six, 130 pounds. The donor is 5’1, 115 pounds, with lots of small people in her background. So the doc is not worried in the least about his being in the thirty-fourth percentile.

The ultrasound doctor (different from my OB) talked to us, as did the OB at an early appointment, about inducing labor if I go past forty weeks. Again, inducing between 39 and 40 was mentioned, unless everything is going absolutely perfectly and they’re just waiting for my cervix to do its thing. This is because of my being forty, having had six miscarriages, having that pesky Factor V Leiden, and being on a blood thinner. I don’t want to be induced. At the same time, I am open to following the path of growth scans, and if the doctors’ recommendations are to induce, I won’t fight it. I don’t feel like I am in a “special” camp any longer, but health professionals do. So. We’ll just see what happens and hope for the best. I envision going into labor on my own and natural childbirth without interventions, medications…but I also open myself to other ways of getting to healthy baby, healthy mama.  Trying not to cling to any one way getting there, because then I might feel like I failed.

He’s kicking, and I’m hungry again, so I’m going to eat something, and then do some yoga with him. I love to think of him with his little feet over his head in there. He’s amazing!


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  1. Sunetra

     /  October 1, 2014

    What a cutie!

  2. This is so special, so pleased for you xx

  3. What an amazing picture!

  4. Normal! The best word! So glad things are going well! I am just so happy for you! He will be here before you know it!!

  5. wowzas! Has it been 30 weeks! I am still just as happy for you today as I was the day you made the announcement! Hugs! xo

  6. He’s just gorgeous! What a great shot.

  7. Cheeks! What a cutie.

  8. Davidah

     /  October 2, 2014

    Congrats! I vote for seriously considering induction at 39 weeks. Clotting factors and older placentas are worthy of respect. You won’t regret the induction for a second when you have your sweet baby in your arms. As amazing as your pregnancy has been, having your baby safely earthside is a million times better. Enjoy!


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    4 fertilized
    3 out of 4 embryos CCS-tested
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    1 Day-5 Grade A XBbb blastocyst transferred
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    September 13, 2013: Pregnant

    Prenatal vitamins & baby aspirin,
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    Beta #1: 171
    Beta #2: 706
    Beta #3: 7,437

    6 w 3 d: measured 6 w 1 d
    FHR: 80 bpm
    Fetus did not grow
    7 w: FHR 121 bpm
    8 w: heart stopped
    9 w: D and C

    Test results: We lost a normal karyotype male for unexplained reasons

    Quit stressful job
    Anti-inflammation diet
    Gluten-free diet
    Vit D, DHA/EPA
    Therapy/energy work
    Creative Visualization
    Art Therapy

    March 14, 2014:
    Double FET at RBA
    1 Day-5 Grade A EBbb blastocyst
    1 Day-6 Grade A XBbb blastocyst

    March 24, 2014:

    Prenatals, baby aspirin, Folgard, Vivelle, Crinone, Lovenox

    Beta #1: 295
    Beta #2: 942
    Beta #3: 12,153

    1 fetus implanted

    Measured on track

    Fetal heart rate:
    7 wk: 127 bpm, 8wk:159 bpm, 9wk: 172 bpm

    Due date: Dec, 4 2014!

    NatureMade (USP Seal) Prenatals and 4000 Vit D3
    Baby aspirin
    40 mg Lovenox
    DHA and EPA
    Folgard 2.2

    Born: One perfect baby boy 12.4.14

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