30 weeks: The expanding uterus, and the narrowing to-do list

Photo-1I remember looking at this page in my Pregnant Body book back at four months and finding it a little incomprehensible. Look at what happens to the intestines and stomach! Well, today, at 30 weeks pregnant, that’s indeed what is happening to my insides. Eating is getting a little more challenging, as food just seems to want to creep back up my throat and back into the world.

Trying to get baby to dance right now by blasting Stevie Wonder.

He gives us quite a show in the evenings and in the early mornings. I feel multiple parts of him moving in multiple areas. This morning, he poked back at the stream of water raining down on his house in the shower.

Yesterday I bought eleven plants and planted them in clay pots, and a little white shelf where the plants will live under baby’s nursery’s front window.  The nursery itself has become a strange sort of dumping ground, almost like an art project, containing a mix of my dirty clothes, new baby clothes, plastic bags, and half-empty boxes. Tackling all of that today with the focus of a ninja. Right? Right.

My to-do list is getting more svelte.

I have recently checked off all of the highly annoying tasks associated with changing my name to my married last name on all of my important documents (I know: it took me forever)—DMV, Soc-Sec office, bank, etcetera. I was going by my maiden name or hyphenating (hyphenated is how it appears on my marriage certificate) my last name for about a year, but I decided halfway through that that was irritating and have chosen to go by DH’s last name (except professionally). It was also a decision inspired by the babykins—I want all three of us to have the same last name, and this is just the easiest way to do it. So much of my life has been untraditional, and I’m feeling (mostly) good about going traditional with this particular issue. So, I’m a caucasian chic with a Korean last name. Now when I need to give my name to people, when purchasing stuff or whatever, I give that Korean last name—and almost always get raised eyebrows and bad jokes. Oh, white people! Join the twenty-first century, please.

We got an extension on our taxes this year (again) and I’m relieved to say that I finished that task in one day. Getting a $2500 refund. We claimed the whopping RBA medical expense and left off all other medical expenses–this way, if we get audited again, all we have to produce is one cancelled check, which the State cannot possibly miscalculate. (We had a “math-challenged” NYS auditor last year and I admit that I eventually gave up fighting a large portion of the expenses we claimed because I lost stamina. Bastardos.)

Other super-adult things we must take care of before the mister makes his appearance: life insurance, advance directives, and living will. Also: diversifying DH’s pension funds and figuring out how much of my student loans we can afford to pay off each month (am currently responsible for a blissful $0/month, because we file taxes singly and I’m not working, but we need to develop a consistent monthly amount).

Going over these things give me a sense of satisfaction. I can already tell how the baby is going to force us to be more responsible, cautious, and forward-thinking. We can no longer procrastinate the yucky administrative tasks associated with being two growing-older adults.

Speaking of responsibilities, no more procrastinating—off to the nursery I go…


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  1. Wow see how the intestines get squeezed…. It’s no small feat to change your last name. It takes so much effort…. I just finally changed my name professionally after doing so for all of the legal documents. My situation is the reverse. I had a very simple Chinese last name and it got changed to a very difficult to say correctly Indian last name. Everytime someone looks at my name and butchers it, I would say, Blame it on my husband. Anyways, congrats on getting so much done!

  2. Hope you made some headway on the nursery today!

    I am married to a Chinese man (now with Isabelle ‘ s maiden name I believe! ) and I just get “I was expecting you to be Asian” when I show up for appointments.

    I am with you on the squeezed intestines and stomach. I have found that snacking on raw almonds is helping me with avoid reflux (much better than the Zantac I was prescribed.)

    We need to get on the living will, advance directives business too.

    Looking forward to more nursery updates! ;-)

  3. With you on the food coming back up your throat! I can’t believe it’s going to get so much worse! I don’t know how all our insides squish up like that and still function.

  4. Those pictures are why my husband at times is like, “This all seems so painful and weird…I just don’t get why women WANT to have this pregnancy experience.” He means it in the best possible way, and looking at that picture is definitely a little squeamy! I hope the food challenges are navigable, and hooray for an ever-svelte-er to-do list. :)

  5. I so wish someone could have taken a picture of my face when I first saw the photo…I just can’t believe that! That’s insane! Our bodies are amazing to be able to carry and develop a human life! INSANE!! Sending you some love and hugs for your weekend! xo


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