29 weeks: Waves in my belly, and silver linings in all things

We hit 29 weeks, eight months according to Mayo, on Thursday—if he were born now he’d have a 95% chance of survival. Yeah!

Yesterday morning, the baby was moving around, kicking, in bed, when DH came to lie down with me. DH and I have always slept separately because of his extremely loud snoring and my extreme noise sensitivity. It’s something we’ve just learned to accept, after multiple nasal/throat surgeries and other interventions on his part, ear plugs and fans and what-have-you on my part. If we slept through the night together, I’m sure DH would have felt more baby kicks by now. But as it is, yesterday morning was the first time in a little while that he has experienced the belly at close-range for an extended snuggle. He couldn’t believe it! Baby was really active, and DH felt almost every move, just by pressing his body up against mine. He was in awe.

Later that day, I sat down on the chair on the front porch and zoned out. I was exhausted from co-prepping dinner for a guest. And that’s when I looked down and saw the waves in my belly. I’ve never seen waves. It’s totally bizarre. It looks like a wave rolling across my belly, underneath my skin. Must have been the babykins rolling over or moving a limb or something. I could have watched it forever. How. Crazy.

Feeling much better since that scary fall. Even my insomnia, congestion, puffiness, and aches can’t get me down. All that matters is beautiful, strong, alive-and-kicking kiddo. And I showed myself that I have complete control over my reactions to events and can stay calm and centered for mister. Silver linings, silver linings, come on in.

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  1. I am so surprised at how fast everyone’s pregnancies seem to go. It makes me worry that mine will fly by so quickly I’ll barely have time to savor it.

  2. Congratulations! Eight months, that’s phenomenal. So glad there are silver linings and you were able to survive that fall emotionally intact (and of course with everything else intact). I have heard of these waves, and seen videos, and I will be honest it’s a little freaky! I’m sure less so when it’s you and your gorgeous baby boy making those waves, but that makes my husband feel like pregnancy is less beautiful and more alien invasion. :) Does it hurt? Or have a different sensation? I have to ask these questions to you so I’m ready when I get there (and can reassure my husband that there’s nothing to be scared of, ha ha).

    • No, no, nothing hurts, it just feels like a—well, like a little baby moving around in your insides! Saw some more last night, in bed. It’s the best because he feels so present, and I press my hand in response to his wave, he presses back, and we really are interacting with each other.


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