Thank you, and we’re okay

Oh MAN. What a day. First things first: we are okay. And thank you, as ever, for your heartfelt support.

I was worried particularly because I was up on something, 2 feet off the ground. And I had/have this annoying small strained sensation on the right side of my belly. And the #1 no-no when you are on a blood thinner is whacking your head. And I whacked my head—really hard, actually. I have a sore knot on the right side, where my forehead meets my temple, but surprisingly it has not turned purple. I do feel it, however, and the knot is kinda big.

But no weirdness with vision, no headache. I had not injected love.nox yet (a good thing)—I usually inject it at 9 a.m.—and OB is having me wait to inject it until dinnertime.

No cramping, no bleeding, no spotting.

Ladies, I swear, right after the accident, when I checked baby’s heartrate with my home doppler (and found it at 140, his usual), I was wiping off the gel when I felt him from the outside more than I ever have—it felt like his little hand was right under my palm, reaching up and out, almost as if he were trying to touch my hand! I couldn’t believe it. It was so moving, so sweet, as if he sensed some sort of need for connection. I could either be projecting or tapping into our oneness right now. I choose to believe the latter.

Sweet little mister gave me, like, thirty reassuring movements on the way to the OB’s.

At the OB’s, he popped up on the screen, and he was moving. The doctor kept saying, “This kid is moving around like crazy! He looks great.” I could see his little heart beating. I could see his big-boy arms and hands. It was AMAZING. He is SO BIG. I could almost not believe my eyes. (By the way, the doctor couldn’t believe how big his genitals were and exclaimed. Another genitals comment, ha! I guess he really does continue to be unusually large in that department. I noticed, too. What a funny thing.)

My placenta is way in the back and “very protected” says the doctor, and nowhere near I was feeling a strain on the outside on my right front/side.

Even though all looked fine, she put me on a monitor for 1 hour anyway. I’d never been on one before and actually found the whole experience quite pleasant. I got a nice easy-chair to sit in, a lollipop, a glass of cold water, a television, and two monitors on my belly, held in place by velcro belts—one to monitor his heartbeat, one to monitor contractions. “If something were wrong with the placenta,” the doc said, “you’d be having contractions like crazy.”

The heartbeat was great, a little over 140 most of the time. I held a push-button in my right hand and was to push it every time he moved, because they want to make sure his heart rate goes up when he moves. There were no contractions, just a steady, low undulating scribble indicating no distress.

At first, I couldn’t feel him move much, but I sure could hear him move over the monitor. Then he started getting curious about all of these belts strapped onto mama. It was amazing—he pushed up against the belts with his little self. I went through periods of just clicking the button over and over. He was probably feeling the sugar of the lolly and the cool of the water. I will probably never acclimate to the amazingness of his movements, and I’m glad. I enjoy them so much.

A woman was having a distressful birth on a ’60’s-era television show on the screen. On the next channel was one of those reality shows I’ve heard about (but have not seen—we don’t have cable) that are all about crazy births. I turned the t.v. off!

At the end of all this, we passed all tests with flying colors.

I told the doc that I think my fall was due, in part, to my sleep deprivation from severe bedtime congestion the last three nights (I don’t have it at all during the day). I’ve tried saline mist/drops, sleeping up on pillows, everything. She said I could try benadryl sometimes. She also said we might eventually start talking about Flo-nase.

I was instructed to go home and ice my swelling head and lie on the couch all day—she was quite strict about it. “I mean it,” she said. “Couch potato!”

She also instructed me to count baby’s movements, which I’ve been doing all couch-potato day.

And if I have a lessening of baby movement, vision problems, headache, etc., I am to go to the ER. ):

The bruise on my left buttock cheek is outrageous. I know that is due, in part, to the blood thinner. But wow. Deep, deep purple. The size of a large orange. And it’s all swollen, bumpy. To think that that could have been my belly, in some other configuration of events!

I’m currently trying very hard not to beat myself up. My OB, sensing this, said to me: “Remember: all pregnant women are off-balance klutzes.”

What’s done is done, all is well, and baby needs a happy, healthy mama. He did so much for me today, and now it’s time to give him *plenty* back!

Love that boy.


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  1. Oh by the way, I never did explain—I slipped off the thing, hit my left butt cheek on it, toppled to my right, landed hard on my right side, whacked the right side of my head on the ground. And that’s the end of thinking about that.

  2. I love the moment where you felt him reach up to you! Beautiful. Glad you and baby are safe!

  3. So glad you are both doing well and the non stress test showed just how non stressed he is. I hope you are feeling better soon. Love the imagery of your connection with your little one <3

  4. So glad you’re feeling better! XO

  5. Enjoy your couch potato time mama! Just wait till you have any NST or are monitored in labor – then that baby will really tell you how much he hates being hooked up to those machines by “swimming” away everytime the nurse finds the heartbeat! Haha! So glad you were able to stay calm today and continue to enjoy all those movements! I am living it again through you!

  6. So glad you’re ok xx

  7. Julia

     /  September 20, 2014

    Glad you are doing ok!

  8. Oh jeezum, I missed the first fall post and so I am so glad to read this one where things are ok! How freaking scary! I am so glad that the little mister gave you lots of reassuring movement, and that you are ok and he is ok. Whew. Thinking of you!

  9. I’m glad everything is just fine. Freaked a little for u initially. I can feel baby moving from the outside when I put my hand on Callie’s belly and it’s amazing…I can only imagine what it feels like on y’alls end!


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