Controlling my body with my mind (a fall and response)

Okay, so, I fell this morning at 7:30 a.m. I am fine. I am going to my OB right now to check all things out. My home doppler says baby’s heartbeat is perfect (checked it twice) and I have received from my baby many, many movements since the fall. I do have a giant swollen crazy-looking bruise on my left buttock, a scrape on my right breast, and a knot on the right side of my head (far right forehead, near hairline). I have a very slight straining sensation at a small spot five inches to the right of my navel (about five inches up from my leg) that I’m trying not to hyper-attend to. I fell from a height of about two feet. I don’t want to describe it because I think it’ll just reinforce that something “bad” happened. I screamed. I freaked out. I felt like a terrified animal. But my initial feeling right afterward was that my baby was okay.

When I called my OB’s office and told her everything, the nurse did not sound worried and was actually not going to have me come in. That was reassuring! “You’d be surprised by how protected they are in there,” she said. When I asked if I should hold off on my blood thinner this morning, and I told her about why I was on it, and my history of miscarriages, she said I should come in, “just to be sure, but it sounds like everything is just fine.” So if I didn’t have the blood thinner, or the miscarriage history, I don’t think I would be going in. I’m glad it doesn’t sound like anything serious enough for a visit, and I’m also very glad that I am going in, just in case.

Things I am not doing:

  • googling “falls during pregnancy”
  • googling “falls while on love.nox”
  • breathing hard to the point of hyperventilating
  • crying
  • freaking out other people or DH

Things I am doing:

  • listening to my hypnobabies “Joyful Affirmations” track, over and over
  • breathing deep, deep, deep
  • reassuring my baby that everything is okay
  • stroking my belly
  • counting movements
  • reading about the amazing flexibility of the fully developed amniotic sac at this point in pregnancy, in one of my pregnancy books
  • forcing myself to smile
  • thinking of this as a test of my mind-body connection
  • writing this all down to solidify it, and to guide my actions for the rest of the day

I’ll let you know what happens at the appointment. Just think positive for me. It’s all going to be okay.

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  1. Oh girl. I’d be scared too. But glad that the nurse didn’t sound alarmed at all. Yes do all those things. I will think many positive thoughts for you and baby. <3

  2. Sunetra

     /  September 19, 2014

    Thinking of you and sending you more smiles, love and positive energy. xoxoxo

  3. As much as this experience is NOT something to laugh at, I am finding it ironic as you blog is title ”the unexpected trip”. Hope baby is fine and your exterior wounds heal quickly. You have the right attitude with your mind/body approach. Love it!

  4. A thousand positive thoughts for a happy, unharmed baby and a bruised but stronger-than-ever mama…

  5. I am so glad that you are getting all the signs that your little inhabitant is just fine – although I am sorry you had such a scare! Thinking good thoughts and looking forward to the reassuring update after your appointment. <3

  6. I’m so glad you’re ok! I never talked about it, but I fell *hard* just a couple days after I got my BFP. I was walking on a gravel trail and stepped on something, then I rolled my left ankle and fell hard. I was stunned and clueless what had caused it, until I looked over and saw a tree nut just 2 feet away from my face. Son of a b*tch! Both palms, my fight forearm and my right knee looked like they’d been through a meat grinder, and I wasn’t sure I could walk the quarter mile back to my car on that ankle. But I made it. And went to urgent care just to be sure, where they reassured me my baby was certainly fine and actually said “You’d practically have to get stabbed in the stomach to do harm”, which is true in first trimester. I was wearing large bandages wrapped with gauze for 2+ weeks, but the only scar is my fear of gravel trails–however, I still walk them, I just look down a lot more. XOXO

  7. I fell when I was pregnant and called the doctor. She said “what hurts?” I said “my knee!” She laughed! Lol. I didn’t even go in. You will both be OK!

  8. Sandhya

     /  September 19, 2014

    You will totally be fine. I fell, no joke, on the exact day I hit 24 weeks, in the middle of a jog, crossing the street. I freaked out, went to the hospital, and they made me stay overnight because they had just changed protocols . . . and everything was absolutely, perfectly fine.

  9. I fell while preggo too. Slipped on some ice. Feet went right out from under me and landed on my butt. I could feel both babies moving so I didn’t even end up calling. Better believe I bawled my eyes out in the middle of the dog park though.

  10. I am so glad you are okay!! Praying that everything goes well at the dr today! xo

  11. Diva M

     /  September 19, 2014

    A friend of mine had a car accident around 30 weeks. She was seriously injured. Her number one concern was the baby and when she arrived at the hospital everything was fine with baby. He was happily wiggling around totally unaware of the chaos outside the womb. My friend took forever to recover and a doctor told her that when something traumatic happens during pregnancy, the body’s number one priority is to protect the baby and ensure his well-being. She ended up giving birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy at 39 weeks. I know it’s hard not to worry but I feel like you and baby boy will be fine.

  12. Hope everything is okay and sending you and little guy lots of good thoughts.

  13. Thinking of you!


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