Almost 27 weeks: productive OB appointment

Babykins heartbeat is perfect and strong. (This I already knew, because I’m still renting my home doppler and check every once in a while, but was nice to hear from the doc.)

My glucose test came back borderline. First, the nurse came in and said, “You’re glucose test came back normal, congrats!” But then the doctor came in and said, because my dad has adult-onset diabetes, and because I am forty, and because my  number is 140, right on the low-end of the borderline, I must go back for a re-screen. 12 hours of fasting and a 3-hour-long test of sugar drinks and blood draws. Anyone had to do this? Sounds like a blast!

My iron, surprisingly, was low! This is spinach and red-meat girl over here. So will be taking an iron supplement every other day. The good news is that the doctor says I will probably “feel a little better” after it gets into my system–steadier, more energy, etc. Yay!

The other thing she advised, which I am wearing now: carpal tunnel gloves with velcro wrists, the kind you get at CVS. “You look like a superhero!” DH said. Something like that. She advised wearing them while on the computer, and I actually wore them during prenatal yoga last night and they felt great. Yes, carpal tunnel. The doctor says that it will most likely go away after birth. I have a slight numbing/tingling sensation in my fingertips, especially the left side, off and on throughout the day. (Which means, by the way, that I’ve been wearing my engagement ring and wedding band on a chain around my neck.)

I left feeling very well taken care of. She’s a great OB, observant and cautious and decisive. I like.

I told her I was concerned that I don’t seem to feel the baby move all that often or regularly yet. She said that at this point I should be feeling him at breakfastime, lunchtime, dinnertime, and bedtime. She said that if I don’t, I should go to a quiet place and drink something cool and sweet and observe. My placenta is no longer the muffling kind, so it’s not that. She suspects that I’m just not noticing the movements throughout my busy days. She could be right.

As if to reassure me, my little kickboxer gave me 10 movements in a row at 8:30 this morning, as I lay in bed. Aw, thanks buddy. I needed that.

In other news, we are currently trying to decide between a Bradley Method class and a Hypnobabies class. Was leaning toward the Bradley Method; now leaning toward the Hypnobabies (long-time readers know my affinity for visualization, reiki, mind-body connection, and so on). There’s also the possibility that we will do a one-time, three-hour private class and do the rest of the preparation through reading books and discussing (that sounds like it requires more discipline to me, perhaps more than we have). Those of you who’ve been here, what did you do, or do you plan to do?

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  1. You are low in iron even while eating spinach and meat? I hope the vitamins don’t make you constipated. When I took them in high school it was awful :/

    • I guess this version has colace, which wards of constipation—TMI, been fine today. (: With the iron it was also a borderline low situ—my OB is very cautious.

  2. Bummer about the glucose tolerance test – but hopefully the longer test will put you in the clear. I have had to go through the long one before – for some reason they gave it to me during the 2011 pregnancy in the first trimester and I miscarried (no relation) within a day and they had no vein access when I went to the ER – it was horrible. The point of the story is “you should have a MUCH better time than that.” I will be doing my 1 hr test next week. Hope your fingers are doing better with the braces and the iron doesn’t cause too much constipation. Congratulations on arriving at the third trimester!

  3. bummer deal, I just typed out a big long message and it got deleted…. hmph. Long story short, Happy 27wks momma, and I am so glad little one is giving you some gut punches! I’ve been following along, but not commenting lots. So happy for you!!!

  4. Sarah

     /  September 3, 2014

    ugh- Soo sorry about the gluose test! BUT, if it makes you feel better, my Dr. considers 140 & above failing the 1 hr test- Of course I got a 141, so I had to take the 3 hr test a few days later and passed very easily (my numbers were all between 70-115 during the 3 hr). It is very common for people to have a false positive on the 1 hr test! Although, truth be told, I have had a MAJOR sweet tooth with this pregnancy, so I did lay off the ice cream for the few days leading up to the 3 hr test, and have continued to limit my intake. :)
    Also, re: Childbirth classes- I have a feeling you might really enjoy the group setting?? Ours consists of 12 couples, and is pretty interactive, which I personally really like. + It is not an overload of info at once, and I often think of questions after class, so it is nice to have another opportunity to get some answers the following week.

    Good Luck with everything!! I am confident your 3 hr test will be a breeze!

    • I think I’d like the group setting, too…BUT it looks like we are leaning toward hypnobabies, and there are no group classes within a reasonable distance…more on this in my next post (: thank you for your feedback!

  5. Amelie

     /  September 4, 2014

    Hi! I just wanted to weigh in on hypnobabies, if it’s helpful? I’m really sensitive to the fact that everyone is different, and every birth is different, but I’m happy to share our experience. There wasn’t a local course, so we did the home study, and then there was a trained hypnobabies local nurse who did a wrap-up session with us that visualized the whole birth about 2 weeks before our due date. The interaction really helped us to feel so much more confident about how to actually use the meditations and visualizations for our birth (so – if there’s a course or someone knowledgeable in your area, I’d totally do it…it also helped my husband feel WAY more confident in how to use it, as it can seem foreign at first). We also had a doula with us in the hospital that was familiar with hypnobabies, so she really helped guide me to move between listening on my headphones, to having my husband read scripts to me to help visualize, etc. Having her help guide me to shift between the different ways to experience the visualizations as labor progressed was awesome, as I wasn’t exactly thinking straight. I’d highly recommend a doula or midwife, if it’s available, and if you find someone you really connect with. Our nurse was great, but shifts changed while I was in transition, and having a constant team was very calming. At the end of the day, though, the thing that helped me most was listening to the CDs every single day once I was about as far along as you are. I was surprised how practicing really helped me immediately get into a relaxed state. I won’t say that hypnobabies made labor “painless,” but it absolutely helped me have the natural birth we so wanted (especially after so much medical intervention to become pregnant). Good luck! This little boy is so lucky to have a mom like you.

  6. I am in fact craving steak & eggs right now…*drool*…I bet you’ll pass the 3hr test with flying colors! XO

  7. New follower here. I knew nothing about hypnobabies (and totally did it wrong) but my doula gave me the CD set to listen to a month in advance. I had no idea until a few weeks before my delivery that there was a whole structured curriculum. That being said, it worked for me along with the other reading and preparation I did for natural childbirth. It helped me let go of fear and control and be able to create a strong sense of calm. I enjoy relaxation/meditation and visualizations, so if you like that as well you will likely respond well to Hypnobabies. I swear it worked for me because the pain was completely manageable and birth went better than I could have ever imagined.

  8. Please learn some basic belly dancing. I have had two natural childbirths. The first was done with hypnobirthing and second with belly dancing. For the actual labor, nothing beats belly dancing.


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