A bit worried about weight…

I weigh 165 pounds, which means I gained approximately 9 pounds over the last 5 weeks. I was doing so well, getting gold stars at all of my OB appointments in the weight-gain department—I wonder what my OB will say about this. According to the books I’ve been reading, and various online calculators, 165 is the weight I’m supposed to reach at the end of my pregnancy, not at 26 weeks (where I am today). Hmm. Got a voicemail from my nurse and she seemed unfazed, said to discuss any questions about weight at my next appointment (Tuesday). I’m not overly worried about it, just a tad frustrated, as I am doing laps, aqua aerobics, yoga, and walking, and it doesn’t seem that I am overeating at all. In fact, I worry that I am not eating enough sometimes—my appetite has been just average. I do wake up every night for an hour, stomach hungry, and usually eat a bowl of cereal and read for an hour. I do indulge in ice cream and other sweets occasionally. Tomorrow is my glucose test…fingers crossed that all is well…

Any weight-gain war stories/success stories you’d like to share?

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  1. I gained 30lb in my recent pregnancy. By week 3 I’ve lost 29lb. I think alot of it was fluid retention. Try not to worry. It doesn’t sound like you are stuffing yourself with chocolate and crisps everyday so I’m sure it will be fine. Xx

    • Mmmmm….chocolate and crisps….”crisps” sounds so much yummier than “potato chips.” I saw some chocolate-covered chips the other day and nearly drooled. Anyway, thanks for the reassurance. (:

  2. I am so impressed that you only have ice cream occasionally – that has been my craving – there have been times that I have had it twice in one day – but have it at least once a day. (I tell myself I need it for the calcium.) I hope the glucose test goes well. I also have an appt on Tuesday and look forward to comparing notes. :)

    • Ice cream is such a beautiful thing! I love it, too. I’m also developing a not-smart habit of occasionlly getting those GF peanut-butter cups at Starbucks, which tastes like the nectar of the gods to me. The glucose test was hard; I developed a headache during the hour-long wait and felt so out of it. I guess they won’t have the results for another week ): One thing I’m going to ask at my appt is this: My normal weight is about 130 to 135…the only reason I started out this pregnancy at 140 is because of that goddamned progesterone/estrogen I had to take. I know 5 pounds of that 140 was hormone-supplement water weight. So perhaps I should be calculating my starting weight as 135 not 140…which would give me 5 more pounds to grow this trimester and still stay in the healthy weight-gain category. In any case, I’m sure all’s fine. I hope I pass that glucose test! I don’t want to give up ice cream. I hope you do, too.

  3. I think I gained something like 45 pounds overall. I’m left with a pesky 10 pounds of it now, but am doing very little to shift it at this point. I also had daily ice cream (yeah calcium!) and was a big lump my whole pregnancy because I had zero energy. I envy you doing yoga and swimming. It sounds like you’re being really healthy, I wouldn’t worry about it. In pregnancy your body is just gonna do what it’s going to do. Just keep an eye if you start getting really puffy bc that could be a sign of pre-e.

    • Thanks for that—yeah, I’m gonna keep my eye on puffiness! 45 pounds sounds pretty awesome for twins. (: I’d like to take a lot of credit for all the exercising but to tell you the truth exercise and stretching has become NON optional—if I don’t do it, I feel like utter shite. It’s feels necessary, like breathing.

  4. I gained a lot in my third trimester, for a total weight gain of 49. My biggest frustration was that everybody kept saying my weight was fine until it was too late to do anything. Part if mine was likely related to beginning pre-e, and so much swelling in my feet I spent the last weeks not doing much at all. Keep in mind that weight gain can happen unevenly, but if you are ever concerned definitely talk to your doc/midwife/nurse.

    • Momof2

       /  August 28, 2014

      You didn’t indicate your starting weight or goal. If you were normal wt, thus supposed to gain 25-35 lbs and are now at 25 lbs, I wouldn’t worry. My gain slowed down at the end, and 10 lbs would probably be hard to exceed during the last 14 weeks (things get pretty crowded do you can’t eat a whole lot). Both my PGS I didn’t try to gain or not gain. My body seemed to know what to do and I gained exactly 33 lbs both times. With the 2nd I had horrible m/s and I actually lost wt in the 1st tri but then gained more later and it all evened out. I do eat healthy as a matter of practice and I exercised but not much til the 2nd half due to SCH and m/s the first time and m/s the 2nd.

    • That is super frustrating…yeah, I’ve been getting “you’re fine” comments, too, and now I’m suddenly at my ideal end weight. It’s reassuring to remember that weight gain can happen unevenly. I’m feeling much better about it today (swimming always helps everything feel a little bit lighter!).

  5. I wouldn’t worry too much about weight. I gained 55 lbs during my first (well, my second pregnancy) and I was freaking out the whole time. It wasn’t a big deal, all was well and it just melted off after my daughter was born. With my second successful pregnancy I worked out like crazy and kept my weight gain to 35 lbs and it was super hard to get it off. You just never know what is going to happen, and if your doctor isn’t worried (mine never was, bless her heart, I would have lost my shit if she has been giving me a hard time about it) you shouldn’t be.

    I love reading these post from you. Just LOVE it.

    • Thanks darlin! yeah, i’m not too worried about the weight afterward, but just want to be sure not to have big baby who needs C- section (: But am feeling muchosly reassured.

  6. Hi, I read the article in this link http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-14653/7-things-ive-learned-from-being-pregnant-in-4-countries.html
    and thought you might find it useful? It’s from someone who has been pregnant in different countries and compares the advice – basically it’s take whatever suits you, from what I can make out!

    • This article is so interesting! Thank you for sending it. It makes me think about mental health disorders and how varied they are in different cultures—some cultures, for example, don’t even have a word or concept for depression, it all becomes somatic. It’s so interesting that women in China are proud to gain 50 pounds or more; I did not expect that! Korean culture (my husband, in-laws) is very crazy about weight. They have a BMI requirement for adoption, for example (no fat adoptive parents allowed; insane). I want to look into this stuff more…thanks again!

  7. Ria

     /  September 1, 2014

    I was in the 180’s at the end of all 3 of my pregnancies. With my first son, I got symptoms of toxemia and had to go on a very strict, extremely healthy diet. With my third son I figured, last pregnancy…I’m going hog wild and ate whatever I wanted. Middle son I was sort of in between with healthy eating/not healthy eating.

    My point is, I gained the same with each regardless of what I ate. After having them, I immediately went down to the low 120’s with each because it was all water weight. I would almost scream looking at my ankles after having them because they looked soooo skinny! So if you’re a water retainer, most of it will fall off after giving birth. Also, I don’t think what you weigh should necessarily affect the size of your baby that much. Mine were 7lbs. 15 oz, 8 lbs.13 oz and 9 lbs. 15 oz. I wasn’t able to give birth vaginally to any of them but now, 20 years later, I love my c-section scar:) It’s a reminder of them coming into the world!


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