Pillow combination!

I have to share my winning pillow combination. That’s how excited I am. Being able to sleep comfortably after weeks and weeks of tossing and turning is making me feel a bit loopy. I want to shout down the street: “I figured out which pillows to use, and how! Come see! Come see!” Instead I’ll just shout it for you…

1) A yoga bolster. These can be purchased online for about thirty bucks. So worth it.

2) A Leachco U-shaped pregnancy pillow. About seventy bucks.

3) A cheap, soft, full-length body pillow. Twelve bucks.

4) A regular bed pillow of about medium softness.

5) Yoga bolster goes against the wall, horizontally—short edge or long flat side, according to elevation preference.

6) Leachco U-shaped pillow goes on top of that, the curve of the U up against the bolster (and wall), the rest of it going vertically down the bed.

7) Bed pillow goes inside the U, at the level of the lower back.

8) Full-length body pillow goes horizontally at the level of the shoulders, the middle of it inside the U, the extra pillow sticking outside the sides of the U.

You lean back against all of this at an angle, torso elevated and angled, but all of your back supported by something, the yoga bolster giving it that needed firmness and stability. I slept as if on a throne, no congestion, no sore joints, and no empty unsupported pockets behind my back. The perfection of this combination has been a long time coming. Yeeee-ha! I am crazy!

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  1. Haha I hate to break it to you, but you will probably only enjoy this combination for a couple of weeks. Then baby will shift and different parts will hurt and you will be back to experimenting all over again! :-) enjoy it while it works!!!

  2. This post is freaking hilarious!!! I’ll make sure I let Callie know that she has to try a crap load of combinations and pillows to finally be able to get some damn sleep, so that I can get some damn sleep!

  3. I feel like I need a visual of this!

  4. I lack the motivation to seek out this perfect pillow combo, as I lay here lifeless with congestion/sinus headache and sore joints. But it sounds blissful! XOXO

  5. Tess

     /  August 25, 2014

    yes – we need a picture of the pillows!

  6. This makes me glad I have an adjustable bed, :)


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