First day of the third trimester

first day of 3rd tri mo 7 aug 21Hello, third trimester! And hello month seven. I am baring the bump for photographic history for the first time (not a ton of lovenox bruises today). As if to announce his new lungs, the baby hiccupped last night for the first time. I cannot tell you how utterly WEIRD that felt to me. I was giggling but also feeling queasy and squeezing the hell out of DH’s arm. “Ohhhh,” I squealed squeamishly, “it feels so, so…biological!”

We will celebrate today by buying fabric for the nursery and beginning the shower invitations. I have a new idea for the shower—I’ll share it later, when idea is better formed.

My body continues to surprise me.

My enclosed shoes no longer fit, and wearing anything but Tevas is torturous. I have no idea what sort of shoes I’m going to wear to the wedding we’re attending in early September…or throughout fall and winter, for that matter. (Tevas with socks? Now that’s confidence.)

Sleep is just a baffling process. I wake up so frequently, arms asleep, hands numb, hips and legs sore, shoulders aching. I eat something and read. I wrestle mightily with my pregnancy pillow. My congestion causes me to wake up sharply and suddenly, choking on my dry tongue, many many times. The only thing that is working out okay is propping my pregnancy pillow up on two pillows and sleeping sitting up, as if floating on a doughnut-shaped pillow throne. I know lying on my side is best, but a girl’s gotta sleep!

When I finally slept last night, I had a hilarious dream about Dr. San Roman and his RE practice. He is incredibly meticulous, but in the dream, he came into my room (I was up on the table) and opened a drawer and said: “What’s in here? Are these embryos?” He started shuffling through these ordinary tupperware containers. “Oh yeah, looks like they are. But are they frozen or thawed?” He picked up one container, which had a piece of duct tape on it, the word “thawed” scribbled on it in ballpoint ink. “Oh lookie! This one’s thawed,” he said, turning to me.

I laughed. “I’m not even supposed to be in here!” I said, looking down at my gown. “That embryo is for someone else.” I hopped off the table.

Just then a woman came in whose embryo it was, screaming that she was going to sue the practice. “Jeesh,” I said. “Don’t get so mad, I’m leaving.” The nurses showed up and, smilingly, they took me down the hall to Prenatal Class. We sat at elementary-school desks and did prenatal yoga stretches.

Yah. An interesting dream to have as I enter the third trimester, right? Saying goodbye to the past, I think. To frustration. To tables and gowns. And hello to month seven, and hiccupping babykins.

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  1. Great milestone. Wish I could say the nasty congestion, bad sleeps and hiccups stop but they don’t. I’m averaging about 4 nosebleeds a day now and about 3-4 hours sleep. Embracing it though, only days from meeting Nachito. Love the hiccups, they’re so funny. Hiccupy womb in womb = hiccupy baby in outside world I’m told :)
    Looking fabulous girl xxx

    • Jeesh! That’s a lot of nosebleeds, and very little sleep! Days from Nachito…. CRAZY. Remember when we were riffing about moving to Nepal and living in yurt? (: Goodbye, Nepal; hello motherhood. xoxo

  2. Lol @ “donut shaped pillow throne”, last night I tried every pillow and finally gave up & slept pillow-less. Your belly looks marvelous, not a bruise in sight! XOXO

    • Maybe we should design The Perfect Pillow and make millions! We could set up a grant foundation for ART, and still have millions to spare. I believe some sort of sturdy cotton (like in a yoga bolster) wrapped in thick high-quality memory foam could be the key, and torso/head/neck support that sticks up from the “U” and rests against the wall. Not that I’ve thought about it eight million times while tossing and turning or anything. XO!

  3. Oh yes, the arms/hand falling asleep… Same thing here. Sleep is intermittent. I’ve kicked DH out so he can sleep since I toss and turn with 1000 pillows a night….

    • Gaahhrr. And with your poor ribs! When I wake up in the morning, there are approximately five pillows on the floor, and several in bed with me, at various angles. DH doesn’t come near that shit. (: He’s on the couch with a mattress topper.

  4. What a vivid dream. Wow. You are looking great girl! I can’t believe how time flies. You’re getting there very soon!

    • Thank you! Yeah, the dreams are *intense*. I love it when they’re funny. Happily, the bizarro nightmares seems to have stopped (knock wood).

  5. Just so wonderful, your bump is amazing xx

  6. Love the picture!!!
    Sleeping the way you described is fine. I think it’s just flat on your back that isn’t the best for blood flow to the baby.
    Hiccups in utero are so weird. My girl had hiccups 2-3 times a day while I was pregnant and she still gets them a lot now!
    You’re getting so close to meeting your little one. So, so happy for you.

    • Thank you HUGELY for that reassurance. It doesn’t matter how often I tell myself “no one ever killed their baby by lying on their back,” I wake up from an on-back position feeling guilty, and waiting for his little kicks to tell me he’s okay. As long I’ve got that slight elevation, it’s fine, you’re so right. XO

  7. Great picture! This pregnancy is flying by!! I can’t believe it’s already the 3rd trimester…big congrats!!!

  8. Beautiful belly, lady! Love it! Hmm, not sure what to do about the shoes. Maybe buy two pairs of cheap but roomier shoes to get you to the end? I loved the dream. “Saying goodbye to the past, I think. To frustration. To tables and gowns.” Good riddance to tables and gowns and that particular brand of frustration! Helloooo, countdown to meeting this little guy. I am so excited for you as you get into that home stretch!

  9. J

     /  August 26, 2014

    One of your readers would like to wish you well! I just had my miracle baby after years of trying. I was also on Lovenox and have quite a bit left over with good dates, in 40 and 60 IU. I would be happy to send it to you if you want to PM me.


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