Big news first: Baby boy’s movements have jumped up a big level! Yesterday morning, as I was pitting cherries and coring strawberries for this Red Fruit Salad recipe, I had the Sound Beginnings band around my belly, its speakers playing anything from Beethoven to Hawaiian slide guitar to Simon and Garfunkel, and he really let me know he could hear it. I felt as though I were communicating with him directly, and he was communicating right back. I know that thing is an expensive indulgence, but I’m so glad now that I got it. I was laughing and woo-ing in surprise and just couldn’t get over the difference in how distinct the movements were.

Then last night at a friend’s, he did it again, those bigger, more distinct movements, kind of low-down-near-my cervix kicks (feels so weird), and I put my hand on my belly and could feel the movement from the outside. I called DH over, and he put it his hand on my belly.

“Was that it?!”


“Oh my God I can feel him!”

We hugged, as our friends (who have two boys) watched us, grinning.

We were over at their house because they were giving us serious baby booty. Man. As in a high-end crib, a Bugaboo bee, a bassinet, and various other swings, toys, pillows, and so on. Some of it is a little scuffed/stained, having been used by two baby boys already so far, but it’s nothing that I can’t remedy with some elbow grease, I don’t think. The crib is really nice—it’s gray, solid wood, very sturdy. I want to paint it sunflower yellow. Our car was packed to the brim. In return, we bought take-out for everyone. It was a lovely night in Forrest Hills with damn good people.

People. I realized, last night, that I was in need of socializing. Not working is the best thing ever (this girl shall never peep a single complaint about my good fortune in that dept) but I forget, sometimes, that I don’t interact with people half as much as I used to. And after several days, I think I can start to feel a little lethargic and despondent. I’m certainly not very efficient! But anyway, seeing them injected me with the juice that I needed.

This morning, we’ve been running around like crazy people, getting ready for a picnic brunch on the beach with my brother-in-law (DH’s brother0, sister-in-law, and niece. Holy crow. I haven’t done that much housework and cooking in that short amount of time in ages. Baby was rolling around, giving me little nudges, like, What’s going on, mama? Sit down! 

First, I made two of these outrageously good frittatas: Cheesy Bacon Potato Frittata. They are to-die-for level and I recommend making one immediately. Then DH and I tag-teamed on this Sweet Corn Salad with Buttermilk Dressing, which we’re serving over spinach leaves. We’re also taking along the Red Fruit Salad from 101 cookbooks that I linked to above. Each of these dishes has such distinct, bold flavors, I’m dying to see how it all comes together.

Other things that have made me happy lately: a bolster and yoga blocks, for doing savasana in my living room, a version that a former yoga teacher would call “Instant Maui.” A birthing ball that I drape myself over in various positions, which is bright yellow, and looks like a great, big sun. (I’ve been really drawn to the color yellow recently. I wonder why?) The slightly darker dye that my colorist used yesterday to erase my grays. I swear, in the week after I get my hair colored, I look so much younger, and it has a pretty big effect on my mood. Is that vain? Probably. But it works every time.

Should probably get going now—want to gather some art supplies for us to take to the beach. Our niece likes to draw with us. Looking forward to more people influx!


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  1. I read that when people are attracted to the color yellow, they are looking to declutter their life and their surroundings (sounds like nesting to me!) and that they are surrounded by happiness and sweet simplicity. I like that… and yay moving baby boy!!! So exciting!

    • Ah, how interesting! Every product I register for online, if there’s a yellow option, I want that one. I want to put a big yellow rug in the nursery. Happiness and sweet simplicity! Very fitting. Thanks for passing on!

  2. The hubs and I were waffling this weekend about driving 5 hours to our friend’s pool party, and ultimately decided to go. Best decision ever! Sometimes you just really need to be around tons of people!


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