20 weeks: She went west…


20 weeks, Vedauwoo

20 weeks, Vedauwoo

I’m sitting on our giant balcony at one of the most beautiful B & B’s we’ve ever been to, with a view of the Western horizon that takes my breath away. Sun is setting. We are just outside Laramie, Wyoming. There is an antelope walking inside the muted greens and oranges of this prairie, and the gorgeous modulated blues of the mountains in the distance. This is the perfect end to a perfect vacation.

I started out this week much, much smaller than I am now. I have several friendly witnesses, including DH, and they all say: Holy freaking crow, you grew! I grew. This is me in Vedauwoo, on the day (today) our baby boy turned 20 weeks gestational age.

Friends, I felt him move. No question mark this time.

I woke up from a nap in our room this morning, happy and hungry. Took a shower, ate a protein bar and some cookies, and lay back down in the soft, furry blankets, enjoying our view of the sunrise (the view has both sunrise and sunset—that’s how wide it is. Crazy.). Then he tumbled. I felt like a clothes dryer with clothes tumbling inside me. I cried out and DH grinned, and all day long I’ve been feeling little tumbles here and there, and once a teeny tiny jab, as if to say: “Hey! Hey you!”

I hear you, little mister.

Going back to the sunset and DH, now. Just felt like sharing. Will write more about the vacation when I get home—there is so much more to tell!

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  1. once again, this post had me smiling from ear to ear :)

  2. Yay! So exciting the first time you feel movement without wondering if it is the real deal!

  3. You look wonderful. :)

  4. Hey, beautiful, can’t wait to hear the rest!

  5. You look amazing! I am so happy you felt baby move!!! Hope you had a great time!

  6. Beautiful :)

  7. That is such a perfect picture. Keep it forever!!

  8. That is a beautiful picture. So nice to hear your vacation is going well.

  9. You are gorgeous, Mama. Such a wonderful mother to a sweet little boy. I am glad you enjoyed your vacation. I am glad that your tiny man is making his presence known =)

  10. Beautiful, so beautiful! The vacation sounds amazing, feeling your little boy sounds amazing, your photo on the rocks is just gorgeous. So much peacefulness!

  1. A Western babymoon, with friends | the unexpected trip

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