Materniti21 test results are in, and all is normal! Yay yay yay.

The gender is in, too. (Materniti21 can determine the gender via blood.) Actually the results have been in for ages, but Contemporary Women’s Care just hasn’t scanned them in or told me what they are. This is why they drive me insane.

In any case, I was not able to pick up the gender in an envelope at my last appointment, as planned, so the person who finally scanned in the results at CWC has sent the gender in an envelope to my parents’ house in Ohio. I’ll pick it up when I get there and take it to the baker, which is this divine-looking GF bakery here.

Cutting it a little close (thanks for the anxiety, Contemporary Women’s Care!) but I’m hoping that envelope will be waiting for me when I arrive this evening. It will be nutso to drive it to the bakery, but I will NOT peek.

The most important thing is: The baby is healthy, healthy, healthy. Thriving little bubble-bellied space alien.

The bakery is going to color butter-cream frosting with strawberries, to dye it pink for a girl, or blueberries, to dye it blue for a boy, and put that inside jumbo cupcake, which will be the reveal cake. All around will be cupcakes of different flavors, chocolate, vanilla, key lime, carrot, lemon, and black tie (super-dark chocolate with chocolate mousse inside).

Car is mostly packed, filled to the brim with maternity clothes and art supplies. I plan on making lots of art while I’m there, with my very sweet little niece. I also plan on swimming with her a lot.

Ten hours of driving. Yes, I’m a little insane. But I’ll get out every two hours and do yoga in some rest-stop parking lot. Let the truckers gawk at the crazy pregnant lady. I’m a veteran roadtripper and the ten hours doesn’t seem daunting to me. I’ve got a phone filled to bursting with radio podcasts, and I’m going to fill my head with history, science, literature, and popular culture.

And I’m off! xo


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  1. So glad the results came back looking great!! Enjoy your time with your family, sounds like a fabulous trip. I can’t wait to find out the gender!

  2. Ahhh! So excited to find out your little one’s sex! Have a marvelous trip and update us soon!

  3. Any gut feelings about what the sex is? I see blueberry frosting… Not sure why. Btw this post made me want cake.

  4. I look forward to finding out the gender and seeing the cakes! x

  5. Aw, awesome results were all normal, and seriously exciting to find out the gender soon!

  6. I am so glad the results came back great! I’m dying to know what is inside the envelope! EEK! so exciting! xo

  7. Yay for great results! Have fun, and those cupcakes sound divine!

  8. Wahoo!!! Have a awesome visit and impatiently waiting for cake results!!

  9. Can’t wait to hear about your gender reveal! XO

  10. Betsy

     /  June 25, 2014

    CAN NOT wait for the gender reveal …
    I have struggled with unexplained infertility and recurrent miscarriage :(
    So very happy for you :)

  11. Congrats on the good report on healthy babyness! Wonderful news. And the SUSPENSE over your reveal! I am excited. I also want cake now, thankyouverymuch. I might have to go to my GF cupcakery and get a cupcake now, a genderless one. :) Have a wonderful road trip and I can’t wait to hear your good news!

  12. Great news on the MT21, congratulations!


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