Kirtan Soul Revival!

First of all, I have to apologize for not responding to comments with the quickness that I usually do, and for not commenting as much on other blogs as I usually do. I’m still reading every comment and, those of you whose blogs I follow, I’m still following your stories. My nausea and fatigue have quite limited my capacities, and my clear stretches in between are a bit unpredictable—when they come, I seize them in order to do housework, laundry, grocery shopping, and exercise. Still, I wouldn’t say my nausea is all that bad, compared to most, but certain days really throw me, and usually come with brief but difficult headaches. Yesterday was off-the-charts bad, but the day before, I felt fine, went for a long walk, cooked, and even went to an amazing musical event…

Kirtan Soul Revival! I have to share this gorgeous experience before too much time has passed.

This is what kirtan is.

This is Kirtan Soul Revival’s wordpress blog.

This is what their music sounds like—be sure to listen to Ganesha Sharanam first.

Call and response. Singing from the core of your soul, from your heart. Harmonizing with the band and with the entire audience. It was like being part of a Gospel choir—only an Indian one. Oh, how I loved it!

DH and I sat in the front row on blankets, swaying, clapping, harmonizing. The room was filled with the most amazing voices and candlelight. DH said he was moved to tears, “Like, fifty times.” We were transformed to a place of pure joy. This music is all about love.

I’ve always loved harmonizing—it’s probably one of my favorite things to do in this world, and some of my very best memories are of harmonizing with friends, around campfires, in living rooms, at open stages. The way the band members described harmonizing was  as “divine harmony.” They talked about how when you harmonize, you honor your own voice while listening closely to the voices of others. When I harmonize, I try to find the notes that the group-sound needs, the notes that no one else is singing, to add richness and depth and height. Even though I’m an alto, I usually find myself singing high soprano when harmonizing in groups like this, because I can hit those notes and no one is singing them. I start out low and work my way up and up the scale. By the end of the song I am way up in the clouds, singing my heart out, no inhibition whatsoever.

That’s my favorite thing about singing. Losing all inhibition. Just trying things out. Pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. Accessing something grand outside of myself and brining it out on earth through voice.

It was such a lovely experience for the three of us. DH and I held hands and I put one hand on my growing swell. I know the baby can’t hear yet, but it must be able to feel vibrations.

Afterward, one of the band members told us that he felt nothing but good vibes coming off of me and DH. “Good luck with that,” he said, and I looked down at my belly. “You mean with this?” I said. I laughed. No one has pointed out my pregnancy in public yet. “Thank you. I think this was good for him or her. Good energy.”

All righty, I have to get some food in this belly.


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  1. I love that you’re such a pair of hippies!

    • He he! Well, no not really—DH is a punk-rock cool guy, with a hippie heart that I have unearthed! I’m pretty proud of him for letting go of his ego, again and again—this is *not* his kind of music. And it’s actually not really the kind of music I listen to often, but the older I get, the more open I seem to get to all sorts of stuff. But yeah, this kind of experience makes me want to go garden naked, or go swim in a swimming hole, eat campfire-roasted garlic, not shave my legs.

  2. Very nice! I couldn’t find the Ganesha one though, and I would love to hear it. I love that you were “outed…” I just love the joy in your posts. BRING ON THE JOY!

    • Oh strange! It’s not there anymore, hmmm. I’ll try to find it elsewhere online and let you know. Thanks as always for your cheering honey!


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