Pregnancy rhinitis, and other hellos


Pregnancy rhinitis! I did not know that there was such a thing, but there is, and I’ve got it. I’ve definitely had some congestion, runny nose, and sneezing during previous pregnancies, but this one wins the award. The sneezes are hilariously loud and hard, and sometimes my right nostril is a faucet and my right eyeball waters and itches. “Your eyeball itches?” DH asked skeptically. Why yes, it does. I can’t breathe through my nose while I sleep; I breathe through my mouth and wake up several times in the night to the dryest papery tongue and throat, like I’ve just indulged in a night of drinking and am about to have a hellacious hangover.

Babies! You rock. Keep showing me you are there.Keep hello-ing me. Bring it.

Other symptoms of note include frequent urination, especially in the middle of the night. I also have night sweats, which Dr. SR was happy to hear about—he says that this means my progesterone is rising. I usually sleep with a ton of heavy blankets over me, but now I’m using only two, and have had to change my sheets a couple of times.

No nausea of note, just a few minor indicators here and there. I found out that the nausea I had at the beginning actually was some sort of bug, because my mom had the exact same thing, for the same length of time! That said, I think mine was pregnancy + bug, because a lot of the symptoms I experienced that week stuck around, like strong cravings for very salty, vinegary food such as pickles and salt-and-vinegar potato chips. I read that Med.rol, the steroid RBA had me take before transfer, can drastically down-regulate the immune system in such a way that you become susceptible to bugs and so on. I was worried about it until I spoke to both of my doctors and they said that there was nothing to worry about, that catching something that week would have no effect on the pregnancy. And I didn’t have any fevers, so that danger was not involved. I’ve got two beta numbers now to show that no damage was incurred, so I’m putting it out of my mind.

No, I am not nauseous, but I am extremely hungry. This is reminiscent of pregnancies in the past—that wonderful, healthy appetite that makes eating food such an over-the-top pleasure, makes me moan while I eat, “This is so good!” We’ll see how long/if that lasts!

Breasts have been rather quiet. My nipples are giant and growing those strange bumps, but the sensitivity is pretty mild. Every once in a while DH will accidentally brush up against my breasts during a particularly sensitive moment and I’ll cry out. But for the most part, they aren’t that sore. Instead, they seem to be very, very gradually becoming more sensitive, each day a little more sensitive than the last.

The big one, however, is fatigue. It’s the mind-boggling sort of fatigue that makes two naps a day and ten hours of sleep seem not insane but adequate. Wow. How powerful you are, babies. But today I have a little more energy than usual and am going to go to the gym (gasp! the gym!) and walk on the treadmill, and later, go to a Korean restaurant with DH.

To help the time pass, I am sinking into a Kathryn Davis novel, Duplexwhich is one of the most bizarre stories I’ve ever read in my life! She’s fabulously weird.

Have some escapist fiction to recommend? Love to hear. I plan on distracting myself with other worlds as much as possible from now until Thursday (table day)…




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  1. I really liked The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells. About a woman who undergoes electro convulsive therapy for depression and finds herself transplanted to her own life in different time periods-1918, 1941 and her own in 1985.

  2. One second after is a good fiction by William R. Forstchen

  3. Clare

     /  March 29, 2014

    I have the nose thing too! I even get nose bleeds sometimes. Fun! Lol! I got saline drops which I take before bed so I can breathe through my nose – so that’s my tip for you. Otherwise I get the super dry mouth and keep having to chug water which of course means a hundered trips the the bathroom.

  4. Yep I’m all about rhinits. All of it: stuffed up, sore sinuses, bloody snot (sorry!), nose bleeds. Since day one. And the fatigue. Even still. Everyday is a struggle with the sleep gods. For little people they sure are strong! Zapping us of all our energy. Enjoy it sweets, I’m loving your updates xxx

    • Thank you! Sorry to hear you are dealing with this, too—well, no, I’m not sorry, I’m happy you are! Because that means Nacho is doing his thing. Check out Clare’s suggestion above, saline drops…

  5. I hope all these “tells” are just the babies doing what they need to to remind you that they’re there and thriving! Get the good soft and fluffy tissues… I LOVE WHere’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. Smart and funny and a bit heartwarming. I’m afraid I dont’ have a lot of recommendations that aren’t dark, so if you like dark let me know and I have a crapload. I enjoy disturbing thrillery type stuff, and books about people who have it worse than me, har har har. I love anything by Karen Russell, she is also fabulously weird, but sometimes her work is laced with loss (Swamplandia! in particular). So glad everything is so far, so good!


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