Trance dance

In case anyone needed further proof that I’m a hippie at heart, I tell you this: Last night DH and I went to a Trance Dance at a yoga studio one town away. And in case I myself need further proof that I am 40 and not 30, my calves are on-fire sore today, my back aches, and I’ve got mountainous blisters on the soles of my feet that are making it a wee bit difficult to walk. Man. That was something. I completely lost my mind. I was shaking, jumping, whipping my head around, weaving through the circle. Zero inhibition. Later, DH told me how much he loved watching me, how happy I looked. As for him, he said, he couldn’t quite get out of his head; he is a very “cool” dancer and looks fantastic when he moves, and he knows it. So his running thought was: “I want to dance like this, but I know it looks too cool. But dancing cool is me, and I should be me!” While he was inner-debating, I was shrieking like a banshee and flinging my limbs to the sky. All this happened after a lovely expensive delicious dinner out. It was a good night.

I’m a little cranky today. As in 4-estrogen-patches-on-my-belly cranky. My nipples are so sore my hippie self might actually break down and wear a goddang bra.

Four days until I leave for Atlanta…

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  1. Exciting! Emailed you :)

  2. I love your hippy self! This is awesome and I am more than a little jealous that I don’t let go like that. I bet all the aches are worth it! And holla on the age thing…way better to be sore in our younger years!

  3. I wish someone would come up with a solution to sore nips other than wearing/not wearing a bra. I’m going to a Chakra dance night for the full moon next Saturday. I think I would have loved your Trance night.

    • I think you and I have a lot in common! Chakra dance is probably a lot like a trance dance—we moved up from root to throat chakra during the dance.

  4. I’m 3 patches in on my mock cycle and seriously understand your boobie pain right now. Sending you lots of good vibes for your trip!! Best of luck!! :)


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