Words from DH

I received this email from DH yesterday:

i love you so much. 

i feel really lucky to have a partner who wants to share all the things that we share together. back when i was single, i yearned so deeply for a partner with whom i could share spiritual growth, amazing food, natural beauty, sexuality, affection, art, movies, science, music.  and now i have exactly that. seriously, i want you to understand that doing stuff like watching nature documentaries with you is like a dream come true. and the amazing thing is that this sharing of life really is a process of growth. clearly we were spiritual people by the time we met, but now our spiritual paths have crossed—-our paths haven’t just crossed, they’ve intertwined. now we’re encouraging each other to go further, to cultivate and beautify our paths, and to really explore and enjoy this process. we’re at a place where we can say, “this isn’t luck – we created this,” and we can both feel the depth of such a statement. still, i feel lucky that we’ve shared so much, in such a way,  that we can relate to this statement as a couple! i wasn’t expecting that. an unexpected trip indeed! i love you bayba.

He doesn’t read my blog, and he won’t do, but I showed him the paper 8×11 book from blog2print with the title “the unexpected trip” on the front. And I guess those words stayed with him, inspired him to think about our lifetrip together, and how remarkable it has been so far.

Yep. That’s DH. That’s my man.

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  1. I love this. What an awesome guy. Says a lot about you both. :)

  2. Ahh… That is wonderufl. You can feel the love, the affection, the want in all of the words. You can feel just how special you are in his life and that you are his center, his everything.

  3. how sweet! you guys are obviously an awesome couple!

  4. wow. love him loving you.

  5. Wow. That’s simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay to you and him!

  6. Oh! What a gem he is :)

  7. That’s wonderful. How sweet and eloquent.

  8. Thanks everyone! He is such a special soul, and our relationship continues to knock me breathless.

  9. Dancing is such a great way to let go of stress and negative energy and just be. Sounds like fun!


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