Recipes! Part One


I have been cooking so much delicious food in the last couple of months, and by popular demand, am going to share a few gems with you today. This Part One of Two (but who knows, maybe I’ll add parts three and four and five and more, as I keep trying new things and honing these skills…)

IMG_0177From Gluten-Free on a Shoestring: CORNMEAL FLATBREAD: This the gluten-free cornmeal flatbread I made for our women’s circle last week. One is made with yellow cornmeal, the other with blue cornmeal. Cooking them in cast-iron pans works best. Cut them into triangular wedges using a pair of kitchen knives and store the leftover wedges in a plastic bag for snacking. Tastes amazing in a number of ways: by itself; with baba ghanoush spread on top of it; spread with almond butter and drizzled with honey; dipped in stews.



Here is that wonderfully soothing CARROT-GINGER SOUP, which I’ve made twice now. You can find the recipe on my blog here. Just wanted to show you what it looks like. Pretty, isn’t it?

IMG_0102From The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book:  FALAFEL BURGERS: These falafel burgers are to-die-for. Warning: labor-intensive. But you can double the recipe and keep several in your fridge for lunches. Believe me, you will not get tired of them. Taste wonderful alone or spread thick with baba ganoush or as part of what DH and I like to call a “Hippie Plate.”

IMG_0100Here is one of our famous (to us) “Hippie Plates.” This time a plate of falafel burger and baba ghanoush, roasted red pepper, raw cabbage, raw carrot strips, rice crackers, and a nice slab of pickle. Below are both the falafel and baba ghanoush recipes. The BABA GHANOUSH is also from The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book:



IMG_8181From The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book: BREADED RED SNAPPER WITH MANGO SALSA: This has got to be my favorite recipe of the bunch, because it tastes so good, but also because I will be using this technique to bread fish for the rest of time. I use a small food processor to whiz several different coatings out of pecans, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds—basically anything you can turn into a coating. Dip the fish in egg and coat each one in a different nut or seed. Or do a combo. We never did use snapper–we’ve tried tuna steaks, cod, and tilapia so far, and all were yummy. Below are the recipes for both the fish and the salsa. I used frozen mango for the salsa, since it is out of season.


breaded red snap w mang




From Nutribullet Guide & Recipe Book: NUTRIBARS: Hope you can see the recipe between my bright red annotations. Basically, whiz some nuts in a food processor, cut up some sticky fruits, mash them together, roll between wax paper, cut into bars. Et voila.


Enjoy! And stay tuned for Part Two.

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  1. oh such yumminess! Thanks for sharing! My favorite is the Red Snapper recipe. I love fish so I will have to try this one.

  2. Violet

     /  March 3, 2014

    I was excited about the fish as well. Funny, I was thinking of you today as I was reading two sites I found.
    Gluten free girl
    The healthy apple


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