Be careful with Vitamin E

I just read a series of studies about Vitamin E that makes me wonder why in the world CCRM recommended such a high amount of it. I have been taking 230 IU a day (30 IU in my prenantal, 200 IU supplement in addition to that). This babymed article puts the information most simply: too much Vitamin E can put your baby at risk of heart defects. So I am going to skip the extra 200 and just stick to what’s in my prenatal. I’m taking this raw prenatal. (By the way, if any of you know anything about this prenatal, good or bad, please do give me a holler.)

So now the litany of baby-making nutrients goes:

  • Raw food prenatal, taken 3 times a day.
  • 2.2
  • Nor.dic N.a.tur. als prenatal DHA/EPA
  • Vitamin D3 supplement 2x/day
  • Baby aspirin

Daily Totals of D3, folic acid, and B vits:

  • Vitamin D3 : 3400 IU
  • Folic acid: 3 mg
  • B6: 27 mg total
  • B12: 506 mcg total
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  1. I freaked about this vitamin e data also when I was pregnant. Because I was taking a very large dose of fish oil, I was getting a big dose of vitamin e. every specialist i talked to said not to worry, that the risk was still very low. i ended up getting a fetal echocardiogram to ease my mind, because that’s the kind of nervous wreck i was while pregnant. and all was fine. i’m sure all is fine for you too, but agh!! so unfair to have extra things to worry about!

    • Wow! I would have done exactly the same thing! I’m SO glad everything was okay. What the heck? CCRM recommends this huge dose. Seems unethical a bit to me. REs need to be up on their supplement research before they go prescribing stuff so readily. RBA is pretty conservative on that front, I have to say.

      • it was actually another MD who recommended the high doses of fish oil (I was taking like 10 capsules a day). she felt it would help protect me against depression during the pregnancy, which they thought i was at high risk for, given our loss history. of course once i read the vitamin e study, i went a little bonkers with anxiety (hey, at least i wasn’t depressed!)


  2. The doses recommended by CCRM are for while you’re preparing for a cycle, aren’t they? My RE suggested I stop my supplements other than Pre-Natal and extra Folic Acid after ER. Our clinic recommended 5g per day noting it’s a b-vit and body will flush what it doesn’t need so I kept up until negative beta (I’ve since dropped to 3g).

    I’m taking 200iu of E as well but would stop if I found out I’m pregnant (since we’re not doing ART right now). Heart doesn’t form this early so I’m not panicking about it. But I can appreciate your anxiety. Maybe ask your current RE?


    • The studies I’ve read also connect vit e at 400 iu and lower (not sure how low) with cancer and mortality in the consumer because too much anti-oxidation not good. I didn’t make it to transfer at Ccrm so I guess am not sure what they would have told me to do at that point. I’m not anxious about it I just think it might be better to stop if there are risks. RBA doesn’t rec anything other than a prenatal before or after transfer, but they okay’ed my list of supplements when I asked them. They said 3 folic acid is more than enough and denied my request that I take more, hm.

  3. Thanks for the info–I’ve read too much vitamin E was bad for the heart (but I’ve used vitamin E oil on my skin and it is great!) Excited for your prep TUT! XOXO

  4. Ashley

     /  February 11, 2014

    Why don’t you follow your doctors orders instead of doing your own thing based on articles you read? I believe the docs have an education and know what they are doing, although so many infertiles are so indignant and believe they know it all from the Internet. They take all sorts of junk pushed by alternative medicine quacks who don’t have a clue. Maybe that’s part of the problem!

    • Wow, how interesting that you think it is okay to comment in this scolding, disrespectful way when you don’t know what you are talking about? You obviously don’t read this blog (nor do I want you to—please, after this, just go away, people like you are not welcome here!) because if you did you would know that CCRM is not my clinic right now. In the past, when I did do a cycle with CCRM, they prescribed vitamin E. As many women do, I asked my current clinic if it was okay to follow certain supplement guidelines from this previous clinic, and they did okay it. But this is not a case, strictly speaking, of “doctor’s orders.” I do not base any of my actions on articles from the internet—I look at only PEER REIVIEWED RESEARCH ARTICLES. The only reason I linked to the babymed article is because it is easy and quick to read for my readers, (but it is linked to peer-reviewed research, which I checked out). My readers know this so I can do a quick link to a babymed article and they trust why. Also, you are extremely naive if you think that reproductive endocrinology is a science only—many of my REs, including the two I’m working with now, say that ART is as “much an art as it is a science,” and they are still trying things out. Do you seriously think that I do not believe doctors have an education and know what they are doing? Do you honestly think I “know it all from the Internet”? Have you looked at the pages of this blog at all before you mouth off? I’m so sick of mean-spirited people like you. This blog is a space for sharing information and give one another support. All of us out here are just trying to do what is best, nothing more. My current RE is always saying how *helpful* he has found patients’ research and he encourages me to bring in articles to *discuss* with him, because he says he has learned a lot that way. Anyway. Enough. Go away.

    • Hey Ashley, where’s YOUR blog so I can go critique it? Oh, you’re annonymous.and you don’t have a blog! Isn’t that INTERESTING… so then you just go around antagonizing infertility bloggers for no reason… because you’re a… * fill in the blank* Go to hell, M’kay pumpkin? Thanks.

  5. Oh wow!! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been taking extra Vitamin E, because I knew that it was good for lining issues. (of course, I’m a CCRM patient) I’m going to look into this more. I need a good lining, but I don’t want any more problems later on!!

    And holy cow, who’s the rude a-hole!?! Where do these people come from to talk like this? I would have come through the computer screen and punched her!! ;)

    • Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with MUCH worse than her. One woman tore me apart right after I had my last miscarriage—and it was not just a random troll, it was a real woman with an IF history. I’ve never fielded such hatred, judgement, and emotional disturbance. It really shook me, in a bad way—I was not strong at that point, and this person probably knew that. Don’t these people have anything better to do than target a woman suffering from pregnancy losses? How cowardly and pathetic is that? I’m talking right now mostly about this other woman whose comments I have not allowed to be published, mainly because I don’t want my blog to turn into bloodfest—and my readers would just tear her apart (and the attention is, sadly, what people like her want).

      Anyway! Enough energy spent on that. I’m glad the info was helpful—but also take note of spiritbaby’s comment: It might be okay to take in preparation for a cycle, just not during a cycle. It is fat-soluable, so I’d stop taking it at least a couple of weeks before transfer, to be safe. I’ve decided I’ll take it on Monday and Friday for the next couple of weeks, and then stop.


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