Happily awful, awfully happy

I am sick again—YAYAYEEE!

Driving this morning, I started dry-heaving at the wheel, almost pulled over, but made it through. Then I shouted with glee and fist-bumped the car ceiling. “I feel like shit!” I cried. “Yes!”

It started this morning, a little nausea, fuzzy-headedness, nothing major. But by the time we got to our morning appointment (with an accountant—we got an extension on our taxes and are doing them now), I was feeling seasick indeed. After the appointment, we went to a great restaurant for breakfast, and I loved my food ardently, as if I had never tasted food before. We had such a fun time, and I was feeling big, mushy love for DH and couldn’t keep my hands off him. We got in the car—and the nausea swelled and swelled.

“It must be so weird to feel bliss for feeling awful,” DH said.

“It is,” I said, dry-heaving, then grinning. “It really is.”

The day proceeded to be wonderfully hellish, including major fatigue, backache, constant peeing, sensitivity to poo-smells, and nausea. Weirdly, at the end of the day, I was having great difficulty reading the papers on my desk. I would get dizzy and squint and have to look away. Something is happening…

And while I’m delineating every last detail of my physical state, I’m sure much to your satisfaction, as it is to DH’s (ha ha ha), I might as well go the distance and tell you something else quite crazy that has happened twice before now, and happened again last night. I’m having…mmm…hands-free orgasms in my sleep. Really. I’ll be having a dream, not even a particularly sexy one—in the first one, I was picking up papers off my office floor and I had an O, and woke up. Yah. It happened another time last week. And then last night, for the first time in my life, I had multiple orgasms. In my sleep! From yet another not-that-sexy dream. I had three in a row, and then woke up. Wha??? Is this normal? Am I turning into a thirteen-year-old boy?

By the way, at our tax appointment, we added up the fertility-treatment damages from 2012, and the initial figure exceeded 40 thousand. We subtracted a few things, and ended up with a figure in the upper thirties. DH is claiming me as a dependent, and he will be getting his maximum amount back, which isn’t all that high—about five thousand. Well, it is better than nothing. And perhaps next year, when we have both paid into the system far more than we did in 2012, we’ll get much more back from the 30K we spent at RBA.

Now back to lying down. In short, I am happily awful, and awfully happy. Thanking baybina for saying to me today, “Of course I’m here.”

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  1. I feel your pain about the expenses adding up when you gather them for taxes. I think mine will come in at around the same total this year.. . And then some people just get pregnant for free.. or for the cost of some beer… or assume our health insurance is covering this stuff for us. Makes daycare prices not seem so bad (nah, they’re still bad, but a good problem to have in this case).

    Also… I had quite vivid sex dreams in early pregnancy too. I have no idea if other people experience it, but I did. Strange thing is, I had zero libido in my waking life. It started coming back slowly, in the second tri, though due to my spotting I’ve remained cautious. That’s one of the very few things I miss about not being pregnant. Wine, sex, and boot camp (a crazy hard class at the gym that I’ve given up). But it’s so worth it. All those things can come back again later.

    I don’t know if congrats is the right word, but anyway, glad you are back to feeling bad if that’s reassuring! Eagerly awaiting your next ultrasound, at which I am expecting to hear good news of a strong heartbeat.

  2. Happily awful and awfully happy is the perfect way to say it! I hope I get some of the orgasms! Add it to my order!

  3. Oh, I’m so glad you’re feeling awful! That seems so weird to say, but it must be such a relief to have symptoms you can cling to! :) Ugh, taxes are always depressing but at least there is some small payback for all the expense. Don’t forget mileage… you can claim that, too. I am so glad all is better than before and I hope all this heaving means a stronger heartbeat next ultrasound. And that is quite the side effect you’re having…enjoy!


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