Good news about my boobs

So it has been an odd day. For one thing, I had zero nausea and was not bothered by the loud scents of the nursing center. And I was not fatigued in the least, was zipping around the hallways like old times. At a certain point in the day, I felt completely not pregnant—aside from my bulging abdomen. I wasn’t letting it get me down, though—I felt remarkably level-headed today, which was also odd. Zero symptoms and feeling totally not pregnant—and NOT freaking out? But I just went with it. Some instinct has kicked in, one that is calming down my system no matter what. I had my anxious day followed by my 4 a.m. freak-out, and now it’s time to settle down and be as healthy as possible.

I think I just got the payoff for my calmness. When I took off my dress before putting on my pajamas, I saw my breasts in the mirror. They’re bigger, definitely. They’ve been kind of itchy all day (I thought it was my dress making them itch, but maybe they were swelling?). This is the biggest they’ve been, and they feel heavy, too, a little bit tender. I know they can shrink back to normal by morning, but still—it seems like  a positive sign. Just thought I’d let you know, my cheerleading squad.

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  1. Huzzah boobies! Glad you’re having a calm day, friend. I also had a 4am freakout, by the way. Complete with racing heart, stifled tears, and no more zzz for me. Our messy selves could have been messy selves together.

    • Oh dear. I wish you could have just come over. We could’ve eaten gluten-free oreos and laughed at ourselves, perhaps. I hope you are doing better now, darlin!

  2. Yay boobs! xx

  3. hope

     /  October 3, 2013

    I am so like you in analyzing each and every symptom. I think it is totally natural, especially with an IF past. I have no tricks how to stop doing it, just one happy story to tell you. I am now in my 2nd trimester and had very strong 1st trimester symptoms. The stay in the bathroom most of the day-type. and on two seperate occasions, all my symptoms stopped 100%. I could eat food. I could smell other people’s food. I could move my head quickly from side to side. I felt like going for a run. And of course totally thought I had lost my baby. But, sure enough, 2-3 days, I am back in the bathroom like nothing happened. I so don’t understand this all but these things seem to come and go…

    • It’s bizarre, isn’t it, how they come and go? And crazy to feel bliss after hurling. I’m so happy to hear you are now happily in your 2nd trimester. I’m gonna return to your story should I ever get worried about symptoms again…

  4. Go boobs go!


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