Yesterday’s nausea

Just a quick post to say: baybina must have done some serious work growing yesterday, because yesterday’s nausea was off the charts. I almost could not make my lunch (I have particular difficulty preparing my lunch in the morning for somer reason) and dry heaved several times while making a peanut-butter sandwich. Then there were several episodes of dry heaving at work, and great difficulty eating lunch, after which I crashed, hard, in my car—I get only 30 minutes for lunch, but slept for an hour! Oops. Things got better in the afternoon, but by the time I got home, I had one of those massive headaches and what felt like flu/cold symptoms—fluctuating temperature (now I’m hot, now I’m cold), stuffy nose. I rallied and went out to dinner with DH but could not wait to get home, to bed, at 9 p.m.

This is so different from my five previous pregnancies. Yes, I had nausea then, but it was not like this. I find it wonderfully reassuring, and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

The stuffy nose has made it a little difficult to sleep the past couple of nights—I wake up with a seriously dry mouth—but when I woke up this morning, I felt almost normal. We’re gonna go apple-picking now—the three of us. I know she’s in there, thriving. I feel her. (Or him.) This time of year has been very difficult for me for many years—the hayrides, the pumpkin patch, the little kids eating sugar doughnuts in the bright autumn sunshine. But I won’t be feeling that sadness this year. I’ll be able to look at the children and smile. I’ll be able to think about upcoming Halloween and the parades of adorable costumes without a sense of foreboding. I’m feeling so grateful for everything right now, nausea and all.

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  1. Funny, as soon as you posted the photo of the “star” I felt this knee-jerk thing that it was a girl, which was so unconscious that I didn’t realize I was assuming it was a girl until you mentioned that you felt it was a girl in a later post. Baybina…how precious. Glad you’re feeling sick, lol, weird but true!

    • Yes, the sickness was so wonderful—I want it back! I want to be hurling. What a strange wish! It’s funny you think ‘girl,’ too—it’s just knee-jerk with me, too.


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