Huge thanks for the congrats! And I peed 6 times in the night.

You all are so kind. Damn. I’m a lucky woman. Your congratulations really mean the world to me. The only people we’ve told about the positive so far are my parents, and that will most likely be it for a little while. I told them via email and text—haven’t actually called them–and my mom is already asking me who in the family she can tell. I’m saying, um, no one of course.  Sigh. She just doesn’t get it. So anyway, I’ve been pretty much in my own world with this crazy news, a very interior experience, so far, of what feels like a galactic-sized event. I can’t tell you how important it is to me to have you out there for me right now.

I do believe this little star is growing and burrowingWow, she (yes, I’ve been thinking “she,” not sure why!) has been giving me some nice reassuring aches down there. They don’t feel like menstrual cramps, exactly—the aches kind of radiate from the center out, or they radiate up to my navel and down to my groin. Sometimes the feeling is more one of shooting pains. They make me smile.

And last night I got up to pee 6 times. Oh lord! I’d been wondering when that would start. Having been pregnant 5 times before, I’m quite familiar with the continuous showers of the night. Nipple sensitivity is pretty much always there, although it fluctuates, and (annoyingly) sometimes is barely there; I know that’s normal.

Interestingly, I don’t feel nauseous any longer. On the three days before the beta, I would suddenly feel gaggy and would go somewhere to dry heave. Must have been the initial rise of hCG. I kind of miss it, actually. Nothing makes you feel more pregnant tham breaking out in a light sweat, dashing outside or to the bathroom, and dry heaving! Some part of me still wonders if the gagging was partly psychosomatic, me trying to convince myself that I was pregnant, and then once I got the positive, I didn’t need to do it anymore. But who knows.

The beta was a nice solid number: 171! Anything over 50 is considered pregnant by RBA. I can’t tell you how surreal it was to receive the news of the normal number. My betas in the past have been so low, and the second line in my previous HPTs have been quite a bit lighter than the one I took Friday morning. Oh, the restraint I had, not taking the HPT earlier than Friday morning! Am so proud of myself. I knew that if I took it on Wednesday or Thursday, and the line was super-light (or not there at all) I would have worried horribly (and unnecessarily).

Tomorrow morning we’ll see what’s happening with that beta level. I read that if a beta # is less than 1200, then it should double approximately every 31 – 72 hours. By tomorrow morning, 72 hours will have passed.  So I suppose anything around 342 or higher is what we’re hoping for.

I kind of don’t know what to do with myself. I know it is probably okay to do yoga, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing twists or engaging my core. I also don’t feel comfortable swimming. Hiking is an option. I want to read about what’s going on inside, and what to prepare for in the coming weeks, but I also don’t feel totally comfortable sinking into that sort of reading until at least the second beta. DH is studying assiduously for his licensing exam and is unavailable for distractions or fun. He drove me back from the clinic on Friday morning, and already he was talking about how important it is for him to get his psychology license as soon as possible, already in super-charged (and scared) provider mode.

My next step is going to be researching where we are going to move, because we are not staying here to raise a family. Any suggestions?? We can go anywhere! I am particularly drawn to Pittsburgh, PA, because it is three hours away from my extended family, and I would like to have them in my life again. It is also far, far cheaper than where we live now. And we are Midwesterners, the both of us, and I think could feel at home there. I hear it’s a great mid-sized city for family-raising. But really, if any of you out there have any suggestions for other cities for me to research, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I the meantime, think positive. Think 342 or higher! Much love to you all.

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  1. Congrats again!

    I was very lucky. I had minimal nausea throughout my first trimester. However, other friends who did throw up or feel sick also reported it was comforting. Don’t worry, with three ultrasounds in the first 11 weeks, you will get plenty of chances to see your little star. I did have the aching, and I was glad I’d been warned, and it continued sporadically for the first 12 weeks. Also I am 15.5 weeks now and I still get up to pee at least twice every night!

    I don’t know Pittsburgh very well (though I will be there in one month for work). I live in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina and it’s great- cheap cost of living, good liberal intellectual folks if you are in the college towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro… but it might be too far if you want to be near family in the northeast. We do have five fertility clinics within half an hour of my house, which tells you something about the very educated, financially stable population down here.. though I am glad I am done with fertility clinics now that I have my frozens waiting in Atlanta.

    I’m sure your beta will come back great. And it’s funny, I think my first one was so close to yours- I think it was 169.

    Enjoy, preggers lady!

  2. Oh my goodness, congratulations!!!


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