Bed bug extermination at work–help!

My first day back at work, and of course the unit right down the hall from my office, I’ve found out, is being exterminated for bed bugs. One resident brought them in from another facility on Friday. They are putting a liquid down on the carpet in the long hallway outside of my office, and spraying my office itself. My office has no windows and poor ventilation. My boss said I could work from this little conference room on a separate unit for the rest of the day, and so I have not yet been exposed to whatever has been sprayed in my office or laid down in the hallway outside of it. But I’m due back in that office tomorrow. I don’t know if I’m pregnant yet but I do know that the chemicals used to kill bed bugs would not be good for a developing fetus to be exposed to right now, if I am. I’m staying calm, in case I am pregnant, but am very worried about being exposed to these chemicals. If you have any information about exposure, advice, wisdom, this girl could use it.


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  1. Gosh, I have no idea. Do you know which chemicals they are using? Is there any option of working at home for a couple of days (probably not with your job, I am guessing)?
    I know it’s concerning, but just try to remind yourself that our moms probably didn’t even think about being around paint or other nasty chemicals, and people live in horribly polluted cities around the world too. I do my best to stay healthy for the baby inside, but I admit to eating a whole bag of chocolate peanut butter cups last night and that sugar probably isn’t great either, at least in the quantities I downed (will try to be better…).
    Good luck!


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