Lupron–how long were you on it?

I am going to my Obgyn this morning unexpectedly to see where I am at in my cycle. Because of a few factors: I was spotting for so long after the biopsy and I had sharp ovulation-type pains on Monday (CD 27). RBA nurse said I could be starting my period, or I could still be spotting from the biopsy (which she says is unlikely and unusual), or I could have indeed ovulated late.

Around the time of my regular ovulation, CD19, (before going on Lupron) I had the typical symptoms of ovulation, but no ovulation pain, which is very unusual for me; I figured I must have ovulated in my sleep. But what could have happened is I did not ovulate before CD 21 (for the first time EVER) and taking the Lupron has delayed ovulation until this past Monday CD27. The lining check and hormone bloodwork check today will hopefully shed light on what is actually going on…

But because the spotting has stopped today, I believe it was spotting from the biopsy, not period.  And because I know what ovulation pain feels like, I do believe I have not started my period and that I did ovulate this past Mon, CD 27, while on Lupron—which means I could be on Lupron for a week longer than I expected…

If this is the case, I would be on 10 units of Lupron for 3 weeks, followed by 5 units of Lupron for 2 weeks. 

Has anyone out there been on Lupron for this long? If not, how long were you on it? What were your Lupron side effects?

I am concerned because I am feeling extremely tired. A few times I’ve slept for 10 hours at night. Depression is back (but I could be reacting to circumstances, and to my worry about having possibly spotted unusually long from the biopsy). Bloating, some headaches, some body aches.  Nothing too serious, but this is after only a week.

I’m also worried about what being on Lupron that long might do to my endometrial lining, if it might make it thinner (even with estrogen patches). Am I over-worrying?

Also—any of you out there experience spotting from a scratch biopsy that lasted 5 days? My RBA nurse, as I mentioned, thinks this is unusual. So now I’m all worried that my junk was scraped too hard/punctured, but then I tell myself: I have no pain, so it is all probably fine.

Good times! Sometimes, I tell you, I really really don’t like this ART world, but I know I have to take a deep breath and own where I am. I am trying not to be upset that I was not tested before taking Lupron to make sure I’d ovulated already (I didn’t know to ask). Trying not to be upset that in this world, staying on a highly controversial and kind of nutso drug (Lupron) for a week longer than planned is no big deal, they just want to be sure they take over your cycle and control it. But when I feel upset, I remind myself that I’m grateful I am able to do any of this at all.

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  1. Well, I didn’t have the endo biopsy, but I can tell you that I too was on Lupron longer than expected. I also found it odd that they didn’t check me for ovulation before I started the Lupron, as I always ovulate late and am pretty sure I didn’t before beginning the shots. I kept emailing my nurse and asking if she was SURE I should start it. And wouldn’t it delay my period if I never ovulated??? I got all worked up about it, and freaked out on a daily basis. One week, then two, came and went. I finally made an appt to go in and get blood work to see if I EVER would get my period, but then the night before, it came. So, I don’t know what is going on with your cycle, but my husband kept reminding me that they know what they are doing.

    And for the record, my lining WAS thin before transfer. It was checked twice because it was thinner than hoped. Only 7, and they like to see 8. But we know how my story ended :)

    So, good luck today, and I hope all is fine. An extra week of Lupron sucks, but get lots of sleep and try to distract yourself. You will make it to Atlanta!

    • This is silly—they should just have us go in for a progesterone test before starting Lupron to see if we’ve ovulated. I mean we’ve gone in for everything else under the sun, why not that? My bloodwork shows that I probably ovulated this past Monday—was on Lupron for a week for no reason, other than it probably delayed my ovulation. Yay!

  2. Just remember that the blood levels will tell them what they want to know, and in the world of SART data, they have a vested interest (as you do) in making sure everything is settled and perfect before transfer. Breathe. I agree with L: you will make it to Atlanta :)

  3. Freiburg

     /  August 8, 2013

    I had the scratch biopsy a couple of years ago and had bleeding/spotting for definitely longer than 5 days. I went on a trip right after the procedure, so lost the count of days, but I am sure that the bleeding lasted at least for a week or 10 days. The first two days were medium to heavy bleeding, then became prolonged spotting. At the beginning I was so convinced that my period started early, but it wasn’t. The procedure was quite painful too, the pain was gone the next day, only the bleeding continued. I remember I was on antibotic for a few days. Good luck with the Lupron, you are getting close to success.

    • Wow—thank you so much for replying to my question about the scratch biopsy. It sounds like there is such a wide range of experiences—I’m not sure why my nurse said it was so unusual to spot for 5 days. You’ve really helped put my mind at ease!


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