Hot flashes and night sweats, anyone?

I spent all of last night sleepless, because I had—I guess I may as well say the words—hot flashes. I don’t talk about this much because I think I am still in denial. But for quite some time now, I have occasionally had, in the days leading up to my period, extremely feverish and sweaty nights. I can’t regulate my body temperature. I kick off the blankets because I am boiling, then pull them back over me because I am sweat-soaked and the cool air is uncomfortable against my wet skin. I am about 10-11 months away from my 40th birthday, and my grandma went into menopause when she was 40, so I guess this could be the wind-up to the wind-down?

I’d really like to hear from anyone out there who has experienced anything similar. Is this early menopause, do you think? Is there a long lead-up period? It is strange because my hormones are all in balance and normal-leveled, according to recent bloodwork—what the heck?

I have fears that this will mean I will become dry downstairs (this has never been a problem for me, and I am reluctant to admit it could happen to me). Or that my skin in general will begin to lose its elasticity more quickly. Sigh. Anyway, off to work I go, on zero hours of sleep!

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  1. So sorry you are dealing with this. I have been there. And it is horrible. I have no idea when I ran out of eggs, because I was on the pill. So when I went off, my body went through menopause (and all the symptoms that go with it) as fat as possible for about three months. I have hot flashes every hour, at least. And a dry vagina. Night sweats I dont think there is anything you can do about. Hot flashes you can minimize if you avoid hot food, spicy food, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. Which is impossible (for me at least). My advice is to talk to your doctor about hormonal replacement therapy. Now, whenever I am not cycling, I use premphase. It is amazing but expensive. It does not prevent ovulation, so on teh off chance that my POF ovaries decide to work, this drug will not prevent it like the pill does. I love premphase.

    • Ahhhh—alcohol, caffeine, sugar. Hm, hmm. Ahem. Wellll—let’s see, I wake up and drink two delicious strong cups of coffee. I dabble in chocolate some days. And it isn’t out of the question for me to end the day with a glass of red wine. That’s so crazy what happened with you and the pill—what a mask the pill is. I’m sorry you went through that.

  2. This sounds miserable. I’d imagine that if it was early menopause you would know it was coming with the bloodwork, though, right? (Although, admittedly, I have no real basis for this except that it just SEEMS like it would make sense.)

    • Yeah, I know–it’s so mysteriuos. My hormones don’t reflect anything else that is going on in my body—like, for example, my rock-bottom low AMH. It’s like my FSH has no idea what’s going on, is a happily clueless part of me. Also doesn’t seem to know about the hot flashes. Dr. Schoolcraft says I have the night sweats of someone with an off-the-charts FSH, but it is only 6.8. I guess the numbers just can’t captuer everything. thanks for the support!


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