Frozen donor eggs and CCRM

In my post Frozen donor eggs: initial findings, I accidentally cut off a very important number when I cut and paste a quote. In my blog, the quote reads: ASRM investigators found that “2.5% of vitrified oocytes survived warming,” but it should read “92.5%…survived warming.” A huge difference! I hope this wasn’t confusing, my huge apologies.

Another thing I want to mention quickly: I called CCRM and left a voicemail, saying I was considering doing a fresh DE cycle with them (somewhat true, but less so every day) and had a question.  I asked what they would do about giving me birth control pills, during a donor egg cycle, considering that I am Factor V Leiden heterozygous. The reason Dr. Schoolcraft did not allow me to do estrogen priming during my IVF cycle (which I am pretty sure would have helped, in my case) is because of Factor V, which indicates a tendency toward blood clots (which I’ve not yet experienced). But during a donor egg cycle, the recipient takes estrogen in order to synch her cycle with the donor’s cycle. What would Dr. Schoolcraft have me do?

A couple of days later, a CCRM donor egg nurse left a voicemail answering my question. She said that they would do one of two things: 1) Have me go on Lovenox while I was taking birth control pills, to decrease the risk of blood clots, or 2) and I quote “We could just use vitrified [frozen] eggs instead of fresh, thereby eliminating the need for you to take estrogen at all.”

Wow. The casualness with which she mentioned using frozen donor eggs instead of fresh donor eggs really surprised me. There was no hesitation in her voice, no mentionings of frozen DE being the less effective than fresh. It is becoming apparent to me that frozen DE really might be just as good or better than fresh. If CCRM, the best fertility clinic in the country, is on board with it, that puts my mind at ease.

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